Tongue Twisters

A tongue twister is a phrase in any language that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Here you can get big list of famous tongue twisters available in english and hindi.
Latest English Tongue Twisters

Today my expectation was expecting to be excectable
By - Shagil Iqbal

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
By - Kaitlin

Kacha papaya pacca papaya
By - Amritha

fassi paffi faffi fappi faffi (by: ishak)
By - A.Ishak Basha

Can you can a can as a caner can can can a can?
By - Tarleem

Betty bumpkinbits had a bunkle berry pie she down beverlybitslebulvard to eat bunkleberry pie but betty bunkinbits knew the bunkleberry pie was dry she complained to benny beaver saying the pie was dry begging for a new warm bunkleberry pie
By - Jocelyn Archer

Oonth ooncha oonth ki peeth oonchi oonchi poonch oonth ki
By - Ashish Aggarwal

Upper roller lower roller
By - Dilpreet Kaur

Mere paer ki pochi tere khoche me ja pahuchi
na idhar pahuchi na udhar pahuchi
khabar pahuchi to ye pahuci ki
mere paer ki pochi tere khoche me ja pahuchi
By - Yukti Mathur

Sixth sick shakes sixth sheep's sick
By - Prakhar

Which witch wished which wicked wish?
By - Prakhar

If you understand say,"understand".
if you don't understand say,"don't understand".
but if you say don't understand even if you understand,how will i understand that you understands?understand?!
By - Francis

Pake pad pe paka papita,paka pad ya paka papita,pake pad ko pakde pinku,pinku pakde paka papita

How many coockies could a good cook cook, if a good cook could cook good coockies
By - Harshita

I slit a sheet, a sheet i slit, upon a slitted sheet i sit.
By - Myles Johnson

Yellow lorry, red lorry! yellow lorry, red lorry ! yellow lorry, red lorry
By - Satyabir Singh

Time to tick and prick ticks lick ticks an kick ticks
By - Chloe Maddison

The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick
By - Jyosna

Father francis from france fried five fresh fish for five friends from france.

By - Faith

Mr garigation says that english matriculation examination is botheration to all sinhala nations' whose main occupation is paddy cultivation
By - Ajith

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