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Dragonfly is an insect. They have elogated body with two transparent wings and multifaceted eyes. They feed in mosquitos and other small insects like bees, butterflies and flies. Their larvae is aquatic therefore they are found near lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands.

Facts About Dragonfly

  1. It’s most of the life is spent in the larval stage underneath the water surface. They breath through their internal gills and catch their prey using extentable jaws.
  2. The larval stage of big gragonflies lasts for 5 years and 2 months to 3 years for small dragonflies. When larvae is ready to transform into adult, it goes up on grass or some other plant at night. It then come out of its larval skin and flies off as soon as sun rise.
  3. They have a top flight speed of up to 100 km/h, it can fly like a helicopter, moving in all directions, forward, backward, up and down. They can also hover.
  4. They act as a predators as they feed on harmful insects. They hold their prey tightly in legs studded with spikes.
  5. Dragonfly eyes contain up to 30,000 individual lenses. Human eyes only have one.
  6. The life span of adult dragonfly is only few months.
  7. Their natural predators are birds.
  8. The oldest fossilized record of a dragonfly is from the Carboniferous Period, over 300 million years ago.

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