Female Pet Names

Name Meaning
Alabaster A great name for your solid-white pet.
Alley This pet has been known to hang out between buildings looking for left-overs.
Amber An appropriate name for your brownish-yellow colored pet.
Amity A term that means friendly relations.
April A good name for the pet born in the month of April.
Aura This pet has a special quality that surrounds her.
Autumn This pet has the colouring of turning leaves.
Aster A plant with flowers resembling a daisy.
Annie Your adopted, orange-colored, pet.
Acacia Greek Innocent and honest.
Adoria Latin Has adorable qualities.
Agnes Greek One who is chaste or pure.
Albinia Latin White.
Alesia Greek An assistant.
Aleta Greek Traveler.
Alpha Greek First letter of the Greek alphabet.
Alta Latin The pinnacle.
Alva Latin Fair-haired.
Amanda or Mandy Latin Endearing.
Anastasia Greek Resurrection.
Anatola Greek One from the east.
Annabel Latin One who is loved.
Annis Greek Complete or united.
Antonia Latin One who is priceless.
Ara Latin An altar. It is also a southern constellation of stars.
Ardeen Latin Eager.
Augusta Latin One who rules.
Astra Greek Star This pet demands attention.
Abebi African A blessing.
Adara Arabic A maiden.
Aden A gulf in the Arabian Sea.
Ahaggar A chief mountain range in Africa.
Almira Arabic Full of truth.
Alula Arabic The first.
Alzena Arabic Lady.
Ariel A great name for any water-loving pet.
Aurora The proper name of Sleeping Beauty.
Adrienne French One who is dark.
Alberta French A bright and noble person.
Allegra Italian Happy.
Allegro A musical term meaning fast.
Amy French Beloved.
Andrea A female form of Andre.
Aria An operatic solo.
Ava "I'm most comfortable in diamonds and pearls."
Adar Hebrew The 6th month of the Jewish year.
Adina Hebrew Lovely.
Angel or Angelina.
Ada English Rich.
Aidan Irish Small flame.
Alfreda English Elf counselor.
Allison English An honest girl.
Ashley English an ash tree by a meadow.
Audrey English Strong and exalted.
Adelaide or Della German One with noble qualities.
Adolpha German The female form of Adolf, which means a noble wolf.
Alice German One with noble qualities.
Aline Russian The shining one.
Alisha German Someone having excellent qualities.
Amelia German One who is industrious.
Astrid Scandinavian Power from God.
Alida Spanish An aristocrat.
Alma Spanish Full of fire or spirit.
Aretha This pet is the queen of soul.
Arlene Your poodle-skirt-wearing dog.
Avril This pet loves to rock!
Bessie Old faithful.
Billie like a tomboy.
Blanche A French form of blanc, which means white.
Blaze sexy.
Bliss This pet provides you with priceless joy and happiness.
Blondie A fantastic name for your platinum blond Maltese pet.
Blossom This pet reminds you of a beautiful flower.
Blueberry The perfect name for your Blue-Heeler pet.
Bonito A large, fast ocean fish.
Brownie Your little scout pet.
Bubbles a real bubbly personality.
Bunny A white pet with pink skin like a bunny rabbit.
Begonia A household plant with very showy flowers.
Beauty A lovely, solid-black pet.
Barbara Greek An alien or foreigner.
Basilia Greek Royalty.
Beatrice or Bea Latin Bringer of blessings.
Beta The second letter of the Greek alphabet.
Bab Arabic The keeper of the gate.
Bibi Arabic Feminine.
Botswana An African country.
Bambi The long, lean, sporty pet who has a stump for a tail.
Belle Beauty's real name in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Bo Peep The little shepherd girl in Disney's Toy Story. A fantastic name for any shepherd breed of dog.
Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty's name while she hid out in the woods.
Bianca The beautiful female mouse in Disney's The Rescuers.
Belladonna Italian Beautiful lady.
Belle French An attractive woman or girl.
Berdine French One who is radiant.
Bernadette French One with great courage.
Bianca Italian White.
Bijou Oui, Oui, a beautiful jewel of a dog.
Blanche A French form of blanc, which means white.
Banshee Irish Folklore A woman who wailed outside a house to signal impending death.
Beverly English Beaver's meadow.
Bevin Irish One who is in harmony.
Blair Irish A dweller of the meadow.
Blythe English A merry and delightful one.
Bonnie English pretty.
Brenda Irish Term for a baby raven.
Brianne Irish Courageous.
Bridget Irish One who is strong.
Bertha German Bright and strong.
Bolshoi A famous Russian ballet company.
Belinda A variation of the Spanish word for beautiful.
Bolero A very popular Spanish folk-dance.
Bonita Spanish Beautiful.
Buena Spanish One who is worthy.
Barbie Your toy pet would appreciate this name.
Buffy "I enjoy slaying vampires and chasing tennis balls - not necessarily in that order."
Callie A pet with calico colors.
Candy sweet, guilty pleasure pet
Carat "I'm worth my weight in diamonds, well almost."
Cashmere with softer fur
Catsup A great name for your red irish setter dog.
Caviar A pure-bred dog that cost you plenty.
Champagne one with fancy tastes.
Charisma "My personality demands that other dogs follow me."
Charity "I rely on your generosity for my survival."
Charmin a plump and soft pet
Chastity chaste or pure
Cherish or Cher very near to your heart.
Chiffon "I love it when you put ribbons and lace in my long hair."
Chocolate Your oh-so-sweet brown, black or white pet.
Cinnamon a spice
Citrine A beautiful yellow-colored quartz.
Clover A super adopted pet's name
Coffee A brown pet who is always alert
Confetti always the hit of the party
Coral The animal who loves scuba-diving.
Cricket The pet with long legs and loves to jump.
Cuckoo The asylum called, they're one dog short.
Cygnet A term for a young swan.
Casey Irish Full of courage
Cassidy Irish Very bright and talented.
Clementine English Even-tempered.
Colleen Irish Virgin or maiden.
Cordelia Welsh From the sea
Chiquita Spanish Small.
Clarinda Spanish Great beauty.
Conchita Spanish Beginning.
Consuela Spanish One who consoles.
Corona Spanish Royal.
Carmel A beautiful city in northern California.
Carnie "I like roller-coasters and ferris-wheels."
Cecilia "I might just one day break your heart."
Canuck This french poodle loves her country.
Celine Diva is the best word to describe this dog.
Cassia A large group of plants which grow in tropical climates
Carrie "I'm your lovably telekinetic pet"
Calandra Greek A little bird.
Calla Greek Lovely
Callista Greek Full of beauty
Camilla Latin An attendant.
Candace Greek A radiant white.
Carita Latin Special friend.
Carmen Latin A song
Catherine or Cathy Greek One who is pure
Celeste Latin Of heaven
Charissa Greek A caring person.
Charmaine Greek Happy
Chloe Greek young, green plant
Clara Latin A shining leader.
Claudia Latin Mild tempered
Constance Latin Steadfast
Cora Greek Virgin or maiden.
Cornelia Latin Feminine.
Cyrena Greek From Cyrene.
Cyrilla Latin A strong leader
Cairo The capital of Egypt.
Congo A large river in Africa.
Cinderella "Someday, my prince will come... to take me away from all this domesticated drudgery."
Cleo The beautiful goldfish in Disney's Pinocchio
Camille French A spotless virgin.
Capri An Italian island in the Bay of Naples.
Cara Italian Special friend.
Catania A port on the coast of Sicily.
Chanel "I just can't contain my fantastic sense of style."
Charlotte French The little woman.
Cherie French A sweetheart.
Clariece French Shining child.
Claudia "I'm a proud female dog who doesn't tolerate any foolishness."
Colette French Invading force.
Dawn sunrise
Destiny "I was meant to be your dog - and you were meant to be my master."
Diamond tough and beautiful
Doe as graceful as a deer
Domino black petr with few white markings or vice-versa.
Downy This pet has fur so soft that it reminds you of feathers.
Dumpling Your little dough pet.
Dahlia A very showy flower of a girl.
Daisy white or gold colour
Damsel A very old poetic term for a maiden
Dacia Greek One from Dacia
Daria Greek A royal lady
Deanna Latin Someone who is sacred.
Delia Greek Glittering.
Delta The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
Donata Latin A blessing or gift.
Dorothea Greek Gift from God.
Daisy The object of Donald Duck's affection
Darlene French A sweetheart.
Desiree French Term for an object of desire.
Dominique French Person of God.
Donna Italian lady
Dara Hebrew Someone full of compassion.
Davida Hebrew Endearing.
Darby Irish liberty.
Diana The Princess of princesses.
Dina English Of the valley.
Duchess The spouse of a Duke.
Damita Spanish A small, respected woman.
Delmar Spanish Of the sea.
Dolores Spanish Mary of the sorrows.
Daphne "I rely on my good looks to solve mysteries."
Dixie "My loyalties lie with the south."
Dora "I love to explore when I'm not sleeping or eating."
Dottie "I'm goin' down to Nashville - I'm gonna be a real big star."
Drucilla, Dru "I love everything Goth."
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