Female Pet Names

Name Meaning
Eartha "My biggest pleasure in life is going outside and getting close to the soil."
Ebony simply gorgeous.
Echo This pet reminds you of a previous pet.
Elixir the perfect medicine for the blues.
Elsa "I'm sometimes mistaken for the famous lioness."
Emerald one with beautiful, emerald-green eyes.
Eternity "Can I be your pet forever?"
Elf "I'm your little-bitty mischievous pet"
Erma Latin Princess.
Eudora Greek Humble and giving.
Eugenia Greek Royalty
Elan French Spirited and confident.
Elba A mountainous island off the coast of Italy.
Eleanor French Shining.
Estelle French A shining star.
Etna The famous volcano in Sicily
Eden "Not having to work for food is paradise to me."
Edna Hebrew Full of youth
Edwina English A wealthy person.
Eileen Irish Shining.
Ella English Little virgin.
Elsa English Virgin princess.
Enid Irish Without flaws.
Erin This is another name for Ireland.
Ethel English Princess
Elsa German Princess.
Emily German A hard worker.
Emma German One who cares.
Etta German Small
Eldora Spanish covered in gold.
Enchilada "I'm the whole package"
Esmeralda Spanish An emerald
Edith "I'm your very lovable, ding-bat of a dog."
Eleanor An old-fashioned name for your old-fashioned dog.
Ellie Mae You can take the doggie out of the country - but you can't take the country out of the doggie.
Elvira "I'm the mistress of the bark."
Ethel "I can't find Lucy or Ricky anywhere, never mind Fred."
Facet simply beautiful
Faith who will never let you down
Fancy This pet is a future best-of-show
Favor You love this pet more than your other pets.
Fawn resembles a baby deer.
Fetish "I inspire irrational devotion."
Flicker "I dance about like a flame."
Flipper "I empathize with my fellow mammals."
Fluffy fatty
Fortuna You lucked-out when you found this treasure of a pet
Foxy smart
Freckles A light-colored pet with freckles on her skin or coat.
Fuchsia A reddish/purple color.
Fern "I'm equally comfortable inside or outside, but please give me some shade."
Fleur French Flower.
Flora Roman Mythology The goddess of flowers
Freesia A beautiful type of iris native to South Africa
Fairy This little girl dog always captures your imagination
Faustina Latin Fortunate
Felicia or Felicity Feminine forms of Felix, which is a Latin term for happy.
Feta "I just love it when my masters give me this Greek cheese."
Fidella Latin Faithful.
Flavia Latin Fair haired
Fantasia "I'm the fulfillment of all your pet fantasies."
Fauna One of the good fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Flit The humming bird character in Disney's Pocahontas.
Flora One of the good fairies in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
Flower The skunk character in Disney's Bambi
Fay French Fairy A good name for any small breed of dog.
Fifi "French cooking is my passion."
Fleur French Flower.
Florence A city in Italy called the city of flowers.
Fresco A method of painting with watercolors on fresh plaster
Fallon Irish A name meaning the ruler's grandchild
Felda German Of the fields
Frederica German Queen.
Frieda German The dove.
Feliciana Spanish Happy.
Fiesta "I'm always in the mood to celebrate."
Flamenco A passionate style of Spanish guitar-music and dancing
Flo This pet just a good ol' girl
Gabby "I absolutely love to bark."
Gale "I'm capable of strong gusts of speed."
Galena A super name for any grey-colored pet
Galley "My all-time favorite room is the kitchen!"
Gallium A soft, bluish-white or silver-white metal found all through the earth's crust.
Galoshes "I have large paws that resemble galoshes."
Garnet red gemstone
Gazelle "I have large, brown eyes and long, unbelievably graceful legs."
Gilda coated in gold
Ginger A wonderful name for your reddish-brown pet
Glitter "I'm the brilliant star of this household."
Gracie This pet has beauty, charm and wonderful manners.
Gremlin "I'm soft, cuddly and cute - until you add water.
Gardenia A white pet who reminds you of a beautiful, fragrant flower.
Garland "I am a winner."
Gherkin A type of cucumber with really small fruit
Genie "Your wish is my command."
Gamma The third letter of the Greek alphabet
Georgia Latin A farmer.
Gillian Latin Soft hair.
Gloria Latin Glory
Gratis Latin Free or no-charge
Gazelle A great name for the dog that is very fast and graceful
Gemma Italian A gemstone.
Genoa The largest and busiest port in Italy.
Gianna Italian God has blessed me.
Gina "Fettuccini Alfredo is my favorite dish."
Gucci "I'm the finest dog that money can buy."
Guida Italian Teacher
Grace This little girl is a true blessing from God
Gilda English Golden haired.
Glenda Irish Lady of the valley
Gerda Nordic A guardian.
GretchenGerman A pearl
Gazpacho A Spanish, tomato-based soup that is served cold.
Giselle The Supermodel of Supermodels
Gidget "I enjoy playing on the beach blanket with Bingo."
Halley "I enjoy howling at the night sky."
Halloween a black pet who just loves to play trick-or-treat
Harlequin A wonderful name for your many-colored comical pet.
Harley rough and tough pet
Harmony Everything about this pet is in just the right proportion.
Harvest "I'm a good farm-hand pet."
Haven "My favorite place-of-safety is in your arms."
Hazel She has beautiful brown eyes with a touch of green.
Henna An outstanding name for a reddish-brown pet
Hershey a sweet-natured, dark-haired pet.
Hocus a black pet who just loves to cast spells
Honey golden and naturally-sweet.
Hope "Depression doesn't stand a chance with me around."
Holly This pet is your everyday reminder of Christmas.
Hedy Greek Peaceful
Hilary Latin Joyous
Honorea Latin Honorable
Hosanna Greek Praise to God.
Hypatia Greek Greatest or highest
Houri Islam One of the many young, beautiful girls in Paradise
Harriet French A home maker
Heaven She's the kind of dog that you might find in Paradise
Hayley English Name for a meadow filled with hay.
Hazel English A small nut tree.
Henrietta English The head of the household. This dog keeps your home running like clockwork.
Hertha English Of the earth
Hedda German Division.
Heidi "I'm the real Swiss Miss."
Helga German A person of God.
Hilda German Warrior maiden
Hermosa Spanish Lovely
Icicle "I much prefer cold weather over hot weather."
Icky "Baths make me feel yucky."
Impala A good name for a reddish-brown pet with long legs and great leaping abilities.
Indigo Blue pet
Infinity "I have an endless amount of beauty."
Inky A wonderful name for your solid-black pet
Intuit "I sometimes understand without you having to say a word."
Ivory A wonderful name for your solid-white pet
Ivy This dog seems to be taking over your yard
Ignatia Latin Faithful and full of fire
Iliad The Iliad is the oldest surviving Greek work of poetry. It concerns the last year of the Trojan War.
Ilium Latin Troy
Imogene latin likeness or visual impression.
Iona A Greek term for violet.
Iota This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Ibis A long-legged bird related to the heron
Ida English An extremely prosperous person.
Ida German Hard working
Isabel Spanish Of God
Inez Spanish Flawless.
Imelda German A fierce fighter.
Inga "I come from the land of the ice and snow."
Ingrid Scandinavian A child of the hero.
Irma German A princess.
Java This pet is always there to perk you up.
Jewel a beautiful addition
Jinx This pet certainly cast a spell on you.
Joy "I'll turn that frown upside down."
Jubilee "With me around, every day is a day of rejoicing."
Justine "I fight for the rights of oppressed pets everywhere."
Jacinta Spanish A hyacinth plant.
Jasmine A white, red or yellow flower with a wonderful fragrance.
Jonquil A type of narcissus plant with long slender leaves and small white or yellow flowers.
Juniper An evergreen shrub or tree with berrylike cones
Juliet This pet cannot contain her passionate nature
Jocelyn Based on the Latin meaning of joyous and merry
Julia Latin Full of youth
Jasmine The beautiful princess in Disney's Aladdin.
Joanna The snake character in Disney's The Rescuers
Jeannette French God is gracious.
Jocasta Italian Always happy.
Jolie French Beautiful.
Joyce French Joy
Jessica or Jessie A variation on the Hebrew term for a wealthy person.
Jezebel "You sometimes wonder if I have any shame."
Joelle Hebrew God is able
Jacinta Spanish A hyacinth plant.
Juanita Spanish God is gracious.
Justina Spanish Righteous
Jackie "I'm the first-pet of your house."
Jerri You couldn't catch pet if your life depended on it.
Juneau The capital of Alaska and a port city.
Karma You feel like powerful forces aligned to bring you and your pet together.
Kerry Irish black
Khaki dull, yellowish-brown color
Kismet Fate
Kudos "I deserve much praise for guarding the house."
Kumquat A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name
Kumquat A little orange fruit that grows on a tree of the same name
Kappa This is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Karen Greek Pure
Kalila Arabic A sweetheart or loved one.
Kariba One of the great lakes of Africa.
Kwacha A Zambian monetary unit
Kiara A lioness in Disney's The Lion King
Kelila Hebrew A name meaning laurel or crown.
Ketura Hebrew Sweet smelling incense
Keely Irish Lovely.
Kelly Irish Name for a very brave warrior
Kenda English A child of the water.
Kerry Irish black
Kimberley or Kimmy English A royal fortress meadow
Karelia A republic located in northwestern Russia, east of Finland.
Koruna Czechoslovakian monetary unit.
Krona Swedish monetary unit
Kodiak or Kodi Kodiak is an island and city in the state of Alaska, USA. It was settled in the late 18th century.
Lacey "I look adorable in ribbons and lace."
Lambkin The pet that reminds you of a little lamb.
Lanolin "I'm the perfect ointment for your everyday problems."
Larva "I seem to undergo a metamorphosis every day."
Lava "I'm the color of melted volcanic rock."
Leona The female version of Leo the zodiacal lion
Liberty "I prefer to come and go as I please."
Licorice The chewy candy that you either love or hate.
Louise or Louisa
Laconia The home of the Spartans in ancient times.
Lambda The 11th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Lara The Latin meaning for this name is bright and famous. The Greek meaning is full of cheer.
Larena Greek Sea bird.
Larissa Greek A happy person
Laura or Lauren Latin A girl crowned with laurel leaves
Laveda Latin One who is purified or cleansed
Lavinia Latin Flawless
Leandra Latin Someone who is like a lioness.
Lena Latin Enticing lady.
Letitia Latin One who brings happiness
Lucerne Latin Circle of light
Lucy Latin Light bringer
Leila Arabic Black
Largo A slow, stately passage of music.
Legato A musical term meaning smooth, successive tones with no interruptions.
Leona French Resembles a lioness
Lark English A singing skylark.
Leslie English Small meadow.
Louise German Battle maid.
Larena Spanish Royal princess.
Lempira Monetary unit in Honduras.
Lucia Spanish Light bringer.
Laverne She's not the classiest pet in the world, but her heart's made of gold.
Liana A tropical vine which grows up and around trees.
Lily A great name for the long-legged pet
Lotus tropical water-lily
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