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Flamingo is a sociable bird enjoys being in crowd, they live in colonioes for protecting themselves from predators. Flamingos are pinkish in colour due to intake of carotene as their food. Those who live in captivity are of yellowish colour due to lack of carotene food. They are found in eastern and western hemisphere. Falmingos have six species, four species are found in America and two in Africa, Asia & Europe.

American species are:
  1. Chilean Flamingo (P. chilensis),
  2. James's Flamingo (P. jamesi),
  3. Andean Flamingo (P. andinus) &
  4. Caribbean Flamingo (P. ruber)
and other two species are:
  1. Greater Flamingo (P. roseus) &
  2. Greater Flamingo (P. roseus).

 Facts about Flamingo


  1. They can reach up to 5 feet in height.
  2. Their weight is about 8.75 lbs (4 kg).
  3. They have a wingspan between 55-65 inches. 
  4. An adult flamingos legs are longer than its body.
  5. The flamingos eye is LARGER than its brain!! 
  6. They get their pink color from the food they eat that has carotene in it.
  7. They draw water into their beak, then force it out with their tounge, this traps the food particles on the tiny hairlike lamella. 
  8. Flamingos stand on one leg, like other birds- its just more noticable on the flamingo. 
  9. They have webbed feet to help support them on mud. 
  10. They can sit down by extending their legs backwards. They can fly and even swim.
  11. They enjoy being in colonies and is a sociable bird.
  12. They are defenseless, their main way of protection is to fly away.
  13. Their nests range from 12-20 inches in diameter. Both parents take part in the nest building. 
  14. Their vocalizations range from nasal honking to grunting to growling. 
  15. Flamingos are omnivorous in diet. They can filter as many as 20 beakfuls of algae-rich water in a single second.

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