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Fox is a carnivorous animal. Their diet mainly comprises of rodents, grasshopper, worms, insects, fish, bird, fruits and other small animals. They hunt their prey live and kill the the prey quickly.

Facts About Fox

  1. The fox generally consumes around 1 kg of food every day.
  2. They are known to store their food for latter consumption.
  3. They live 2-3 years but can survive for 10 or more years in captivity.
  4. They are active in night.
  5. Foxes are smallest member of dog family.
  6. Female fox give birth to 4-5 young ones once in a spring season.
  7. The fox is a solitary animal and usually hunts alone, rather than in packs like wolves or dogs.
  8. They are of medium size, male fox weighs 4-8 kg and female fox weighs 4-6 kg.
  9. Male fox are 67-72 cm in length and females are 62-68 cm in length.
  10. Tail of male fox is 40-44 cm while female tail is 37-41 cm.

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