Male Pet Names

Name Meaning
Aaron Moses's brother and the 1st high priest of the Hebrews.
Abacus term related to mathematics
Abba Aramaic The Father
Abbot The chief of an abbey or monastery. This male pet prefers peaceful and secluded areas
Abdul Arabic A servant of Allah
Abel The 2nd born son of Adam and Eve
Abner Hebrew The Father is light.
Abu The monkey in Disney's Aladdin
Ace Latin One or unity. This pet is loyal to a fault.
Achilles The hero of Homer's The Iliad. This legendary dog is known all over the neighborhood for his bravery.
Adam A wonderful name for your first pet
Addax An African antelope.
Adel German A noble person.
Aden Located in southern Arabia, it's now a part of Yemen.
Adlai Hebrew A term that means - my ornament.
Adler German Eagle-like.
Adolph German A noble wolf. This pet always does the right thing.
Adonis Greek A very handsome and youthful guy.
Adrian Latin The dark one.
Aegis A protective shield.
Aeneas Greek Most praised.
Ahaggar A large mountain range in Africa.
Aidan Irish An extremely fiery person.
Ajax Greek A hero of the Trojan War.
Aladdin a giant who fullfills your every wish
Alan Irish One who is in harmony.
Alaric German The ruler of all people.
Albern German A very noble warrior.
Albert A very fat and lovable cartoon character.
Albert The patron saint of scientists.
Aldo German Wise one.
Aleppo The 2nd largest city in Syria.
Alfred English Small, wise counselor.
Alger German A noble spearman.
Ali Arabic Lion of Allah
Ali Baba A poor woodcutter in the Arabian Nights story. He finds treasure hidden in a cave by 40 thieves.
Alistair Greek Guardian or protector.
Alonzo Spanish Noble and prepared.
Aloysius Latin A famous warrior.
Alpha The prototype of any dog breed.
Alphonse German One who is noble and always ready.
Alva Latin Fair haired.
Alvin German A true friend to all.
Amasa Hebrew A person who carries heavy burdens.
Ambrose Greek Immortal.
Ammon Egyptian Something that is hidden.
Andre French Masculine.
Andrew Greek Masculine.
Angelo Greek Angel.
Angus Scottish A strong man.
Anthony Latin Priceless.
Anubis An ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal.
Apollo Greek and Roman Mythology The god of the sun.
Archibald German Royal and bold.
Ares Greek Mythology The god of war.
Argus Greek Mythology The giant with a hundred eyes.
Arion An ancient Greek poet.
Arlen Irish Promise.
Armand German Guardian.
Arnett German Small eagle.
Arnold German Eagle's power.
Arthur Welsh Courage of a bear.
Asa An early king of Judah, as told in the Old Testament.
Asher Hebrew One who is a happy blessing. Also one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
Aspen "I like to ride on the ski-lift."
Atlas A large mountain range in Africa.
Atlas Greek Mythology A giant who supported the heavens on his shoulders.
Aubrey French Fair leader.
Austin He's an international dog of mystery.
Avatar The Hindus believe that this is a god who comes down and takes human form.
Avery English Small, wise counselor.
Bacchus Greek and Roman Mythology The god of wine and good times. Also called Dionysus.
Baikal A huge lake in Siberia. The world's deepest freshwater lake.
Bailey French A bailiff or steward.
Baird Irish A traveling ballad singer.
Baldwin German A fearless friend and protector.
Balfour Scottish One who hails from the pasture land.
Ballard German Strength.
Baloo The big bear character in Disney's Jungle Book.
Balthasar Greek May God protect the king.
Bambino An Italian child.
Bancroft English A person from the bean field.
Bandit "I just made off with the neighbor's kitten."
Banjo He's your favorite little banjo boy.
Bantam A small, spirited fighter.
Banzai The hyena in Disney's The Lion King.
Bard Irish A poet.
Barkley English The man from a birch tree meadow.
Barlow English A person who lives on the bare hill.
Barnaby Aramaic Son of sympathy.
Barney He loves you and you love him.
Barrett German Bear-courage.
Barry Irish An expert with a spear.
Barton English A landowner.
Bashful This dwarf-pet likes to hide.
Basil Latin Royal.
Baxter English A baker.
Bear big, round, and cuddly.
Beau French A very handsome man.
Beaufort French A beautiful fortress.
Beaumont French A beautiful mountain.
Beck English A brook. This pet loves flowing water.
Beckham This petenjoys chasing soccer balls.
Beecher English One who lives by the beech trees.
Beeman English A professional beekeeper.
Bellamy French Your pretty friend.
Benedict Latin A blessing.
Benito Spanish A blessing.
Benjamin or Ben Hebrew The son of my right hand.
Benoni Hebrew The son of my sorrow.
Berkley "I'm the most liberal pet on the block."
Bernard German A person that's as brave as a bear.
Bernard A mouse in Disney's The Rescuers.
Bjorn Swedish Courage of a bear.
Blackjack "I plan on living to the age of 21."
Blaine Irish Lean This male pet keeps himself in good shape.
Blair Irish Of the field
Blitz This pet comes at you from all angles.
Blizzard A forceful, solid-white dog.
Blue Old faithful.
Bluto "I have more than just a good pair of forearms."
Bogart, Bogey charming
Bonsai A runt of a dog.
Boo "I sometimes bump into things in the house at night."
Boogie "I could have danced all night."
Boomerang, Boomer "I'll always come back to you."
Boone "My abilities to live off the land are legendary, but please feed me anyway."
Boris Slavic A proud fighter or warrior.
Boss "Baby I was born to run."
Botswana An African country.
Boyd Irish Fair haired.
Bozo The circus pet
Bradley English Broad meadow.
Brady Irish Fiery one.
Brando He could very well be a contender.
Bravo "I deserve praise all the time."
Brendan Irish A sword
Brian Irish Strength
Brice Welsh A person who is awake, alert, and highly ambitious.
Brock English A badger.
Bronco which can't be tamed.
Bruce "I was born in the USA."
Bruiser "I love the smell of a good dog-fight in the morning."
Bruno The dog in Disney's Cinderella.
Brutus An exceptionally large dog who stands his ground.
Bubba "I'm just a big ol' redneck."
Buck The prototypical male dog.
Bushido The code of conduct of the Japanese Samurai.
Buzz This Pet is light-years ahead of any other dog.
Byron French From the country.
Caballero A Spanish horseman.
Cactus the pet which is a bit prickly at times.
Cadby English The settlement of a warrior.
Caddock Welsh One who is desirous of war.
Cadmus Greek A person from the east.
Cairo The capital of Egypt.
Cajun "I adore crawfish flavored treats."
Calder English One who dwells near the brook or stream.
Caleb Hebrew As faithful as a dog.
Calhoun Irish A resident of the narrow woods.
Calvert English A person who herds calves.
Calvin Latin A bald person.
Camden Scottish A person who comes from the crooked valley.
Camelot The legendary site of King Arthur's court and palace.
Cameron Scottish A crooked nose.
Cameroon An African country.
Canuck This french poodle dog loves his country.
Capricorn The 10th zodiac sign - a goat.
Carl German A man.
Carlin Irish The little victor.
Carlisle English Tower.
Carlos Spanish A man.
Carmine Latin Crimson.
Carrick Irish A dweller of the rocky land.
Carroll Irish A winner.
Caruso "My canine operatic abilities are legendary."
Cary Latin Of great value.
Casanova hot among female companions
Casey The brave engineer who couldn't slow down.
Cash Latin Conceited.
Casper "The backyard is my favorite haunt."
Cassidy Irish A crafty person with wavy hair.
Castor Greek A beaver.
Castro He'll be Red until he dies.
Cato Latin The person who is knowledgeable and very wise.
Cecil Latin Darkened.
Cedric English A chief of the battle.
Chad An African country.
Chaim Hebrew Force of life.
Chance You took a risk by adopting this pet
Chandler English A professional candle maker.
Chaos "I'm always in a state of disorder."
Charcoal for black pets
Charon Greek Mythology The boat pilot who escorted dead souls across the river Styx to Hades. A good name for any water-loving dog.
Chase French A hunter.
Chester English From the fortress.
Chief This pet is always on the lookout and first on the scene.
Chip The cup character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Chopin A pet who is very agile, with tons of ability.
Chopsticks A great name for your Oriental breed of pet
Christopher Robin The little boy character in Disney's Winnie the Pooh.
Cian Irish Ancient.
Clarence Latin Renowned.
Clark Latin A student.
Clay English Of the soil.
Clifford The red runt of a puppy that grew into a giant red dog
Clovis German A very famous warrior.
Clyde Welsh One with much warmth.
Cobalt Another good name for your blue-eyed pet
Cochise A famous Apache warrior and chief.
Codger "Some people say that I'm set in my ways."
Cody The little boy character in Disney's The Rescuers.
Cogsworth The clock character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Colonel The Sheep dog character and one of the heroes in Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
Colt The pet who is rough and ready on the dusty trail.
Columbus "I like to discover things that are already discovered."
Collin Scottish A puppy.
Confucius "Confucius say - More dog biscuits please."
Congo A large river in Africa.
Conrad German A fearless counselor.
Coon An appropriate name for the gray-colored pet that resembles a raccoon.
Corbin English Raven
Cordell French A professional rope maker.
Cortez A Spanish explorer who conquered Mexico.
Cosmo "My friends usually call me Kramer."
Cotton "It ain't easy being the fabric of your life."
Creeper A very strange character in Disney's The Black Cauldron.
Creole "How y'all are?"
Crispin Latin The one with curly hair.
Cupid A good name for the pet adopted on Valentine's day.
Curtis French Respect.
Cyclops Greek Mythology The giant with one eye.
Cyrus The founder of the Persian Empire.
Dacca The capital of Bangladesh.
Dacey Irish One who comes from the south.
Dag Scandinavian A person who shines as bright as the day.
Dagan The Babylonian god of the earth.
Dagwood English A person dwelling in the bright and shining forest.
Dakar The capital of Senegal, in Africa. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean.
Dalbert English A radiant person.
Dalen or Dale English A valley.
Dallas A large city in Texas, USA.
Dalton English The person from the valley town.
Damek Slavic A form of Adam.
Damian Greek A person who tames.
Damocles The legendary courtier in Syracuse who was given a lesson in the dangers of being a king.
Damon Greek A steadfast and loyal person.
Dane English A person who comes from Denmark.
Darby Irish Liberty.
Darren Irish Famous.
Dearborn English One who dwells in the deer brook.
Dedrick German The ruler over all the people.
Delmar Latin The person from the sea
Delphi This was a town in ancient Greece containing the oracle of Apollo.
Demon "My intentions are not always the best."
Dempsey Irish A person with much pride.
Denver A large city in Colorado, USA.
Derry Irish The one with red hair.
DeSoto The famous Spanish explorer who "discovered" the Mississippi River.
Desperado "I'm a rough and tough, outlaw dog."
Deuce "I'm sometimes wild."
Devin Irish A poet.
Devlin Irish A fearless warrior.
Dewey ne who has feet like a duck.
Dexter Latin Clever.
Diablo The pet who seems to embody pure evil.
Digger "I don't know why I have the urge to bury things."
Digits This pet can count to ten on his paws.
Dillon Irish A faithful companion.
Dingo A wild, tough mate.
Dino Your little furry dinosaur-pet
Ditka The iron dog.
Dixie "My heart lies in the south."
Dizzy "I love to run in circles - chasing my tail."
Doc What's up - with your dog's bedside manners?
Dodger "I'm often artful."
Dolan Irish Dark one.
Domingo Spanish Born on Sunday.
Dominick Latin Godly.
Domino The perfect name for your Dalmatian dog.
Donald one who has feet like a
Donovan Irish The dark warrior.
Dopey This dwarf dog isn't the brightest dog on the block.
Douglas Scottish Deep water.
Drake A male duck.
Druid "Me and my doggie buddies like to gather 'round the trees."
Duke A nobleman just below the rank of prince.
Dumbo The elephant with big ears. He's the title character of a Disney movie.
Dustin German A proud warrior.
Dusty He's not the neatest pet in the world.
Dutch This pet will make you pay for everything.
Dylan Welsh A man from the sea.
Eachan Irish A horseman.
Eagle This pet 's vision and hunting skills remind you of an eagle.
Earl English A nobleman.
Ebenezer A real sour-puss of a dog.
Eberhard German One who is as brave as a boar.
Eddy A current of water which spins against the main current. This pet always seems to do the opposite of what you expect him to do.
Edel German A distinguished person.
Edgar English A very wealthy spearman.
Edge "I have the sharpest senses of any pet on the block."
Edric English A prosperous ruler of the people.
Edward English A wealthy guardian
Eeyore This pet doesn't like it when you pin ribbons to his tail.
Egan Irish An eager and fiery person.
Egbert English A flaming sword.
Einstein "My name is relative."
Elbrus A mountain in southwestern Russia.
Elder English One who is in a position of authority.
Eldon English One who comes from the holy hill.
El Dorado A legendary kingdom sought by Spanish explorers. It was believed to contain enormous wealth.
Eleazar Hebrew God is my faithful helper.
Electric This pet is always wired.
Eli Hebrew The highest.
Ellard English One who is fearless and sacred.
Elmer "I'm gonna get that wascally wabbit."
Elmo A wonderful name for the pet with red-shag-carpet hair.
Elroy French The king.
Elton "My gift is my song."
Elvis "I ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time."
Emerson "I prefer to sit in the corner pondering."
Emery German An industrious ruler.
Emil German A very resourceful person.
Emilio Spanish A hard worker.
Emir A title used in certain Moslem countries for noblemen and rulers.
Emmanuel Hebrew God is with us.
Emmit German A hard worker.
Emperor This pet will one day rule your household.
Encore "You're always asking me to repeat the same trick."
Enoch Hebrew One who is dedicated and consecrated to God.
Enrique Spanish House ruler.
Epirus A region which lies in southern Albania and northern Greece.
Epsilon The 5th letter of the Greek alphabet.
Ernst German Determined.
Esteban Spanish Crown.
Ethan Hebrew A powerful, solid and trustworthy man.
Eugene Greek High-born.
Eugenio Spanish High-born.
Evan Hebrew God has blessed.
Everest The highest mountain in the world.
Ewing English Lawyer.
Excalibur King Arthur's legendary sword.
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