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Squirrels are a medium-sized rodent with large bushy tails. Squirrels are generally clever and persistent animals. They are omnivores; they eat a wide variety of plant food, including nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, and green vegetation, and they also eat insects, eggs, and even small birds, smaller mammals, frogs, and carrion. In tropical areas, these foods often replace nuts. They are indigenous to Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Facts about Squirrels

  1. A few animals, like the flying squirrel, have a flap of skin between their front and back legs which helps them glide from tree to tree. The colugo has a bigger cloak of skin, and it can glide twice as far- up to 100 metres.
  2. Flying squirrels don't really fly, they glide from branch to branch. A blanket-like furry skin stretches their front and hind legs, and acts as a parachute, enabling the squirrel to soar like a kite.
  3. Millions of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

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