The Tale of Two Fish and a Frog
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Two fish named Sahasrabuddhi and Satabuddhi made a lake their home. They had a frog as a friend whose name was Ekabuddhi. Every day, they used to meet on the bank of the lake and discuss everything under the sun and disperse at sunset. One day, they saw some fishermen equipped with nets and each carrying a basket full of fish came that way and saw the lake and noticed that it was full of good fish. They told themselves that they should come early the next morning and bait the fish.

The fish heard their conversation and were very worried. Then the frog asked Satabuddhi for advice.

"O Satabuddhi, you have heard what the fishermen were planning. Now tell us what we should do. Should we remain in the lake or go somewhere else."

Sahsrabuddhi answered the question, "Donít worry. You should not be scared by just words. The learned have said "The world is still safe because the dreams of snakes and wicked men never come true." The fishermen may not even come tomorrow. If they come, I am here to save you."

Satabuddhi said, "You are a genius. What you say is correct. There is nothing that accomplished men cannot conquer. Remember how Chanakya had killed all the armed Nandas.

Then, Ekabuddhi, the frog, said, "Friends, flight is the only thing I know. So, I and my wife will leave this place tonight itself."

Accordingly, the frog left the lake immediately. Next day, the fishermen came and netted lot of fish, frogs, crabs, turtles etc. and also Satabuddhi and Sahasrabuddhi and killed all of them. One of them carried Satabuddhi on his head because he was heavier and slung Sahsrabuddhi to his arm because he was long.

Donít ignore the advice of a good friend.

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