Exercise for Children: Swimming & Outing
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Now a day’s physical inactivity has become a serious problem. Most of the kids are television junkies and their eating habits are also really bad. Their may be many reasons behind it.

In fact inactive children when compared with other children, weigh more, have high blood pressure and higher cholesterol. And most important is inactive children are more likely to become inactive adults.

With global increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among children there is a urgent need for more effective physical activity programmes. It’s important that you do something about it and sooner the better. Exercise habits must be established early, so that your child becomes active and fit.

Here are some of my suggestions that will keep your child fit and fine.

  • Swimming: With proper instruction your child should be able to learn basic swimming skills and water safety. It’s good idea to check with your local sports club about their beginner classes. Swimming is a terrific exercise, great to help keep your child physically fit.
  • Outings: Plan family outings and vacations. Activities such as hiking, climbing hills and jogging are fun for everyone.
  • Dancing Classes: Join your child dance classes. Encourage them to hit the dance floor on the fast numbers instead of slow ones.
  • Wrestling: Besides swimming and family outing to keep your kid active and exercise-oriented, another terrific activity is wrestling. It exercises all you child’s muscles and increases strength and flexibility. It also allows you and your child to have fun together. Use a bed or the floor with a rubber mat. Get you child involved with friends of his own age. Little children are imaginative and invent all sorts of games that require running, jumping, racing, tagging, etc.
  • Cycling: is also a good exercise to keep your child physically active.
  • Soccer: is an excellent game. It features running, twisting and jumping-ideal for developing physical fitness.
Finally, encourage any activity that keeps him moving. Walking instead of driving to school, taking the stairs instead of an elevator and chores such as sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage and making the bed. Remember, “couch potatoes” start early in life.

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