How your pre-schooler learns
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The preschool concept was developed in the early twentieth century, not for the custodial care of children of working parents and not just to prepare children specifically for the elementary school. The objective is to provide various activities, under trained teachers, which would help them to grow and make them more active

Every pre-schooler is an active learner. Preschoolers are like little sponges soaking up information and learning new things from their environment every day. They may not be able to tell you what they are learning, but they are receptively learning concepts. Every pre-schooler has a lot of excitement about with fantasy playing, social interactions, physical activity, and many creative activities.

Each child has the opportunity to really enjoy this precious time in his life by not forcing her soon into academic work that’s more appropriate toe the elementary school years, and by providing him with resources that allow her experiences of competence and mastery. These valuable experiences include-
  • Dancing and making rhythm music
  • Painting easy pictures from their own inspiration
  • Finger painting
  • Clay modeling
  • Block building
  • Vigorous outdoor play

In pre-schools children also learn how to get along with other children and adults of different personalities, how to enjoy give and take, how to solve conflicts.

Pre-schoolers need lot of time to explore their ideas about the world, so take care not to overly structure their days. Expose them to wonderful children’s literature. Tell them stories. Sing to them, and share your enthusiasm and creativity in all things. Always answer their questions.

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