Choosing a pre-school
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Now a day’s parents are worried about the choosing of preschool for their little ones. Parents are in try to find such type of school that’s right for their child and will make his days more pleasurable and stimulating.

The first years of a child's life are a crucial development period. Parents are child’s first teachers but early years of childhood education are very important.

In advising parents about choosing among available pre-schools, I suggest many tips-

  • Take a list of pre-schools in your area.
  • Teachers are most important. Ask about their educational background. Are they trained to work with this age group? Is the staff stable, or does it change constantly? How many children are there for each teacher?
  •  School should be spacious., Is it enough open space for outdoor activities? Is proper ventilation is there?
  • Visit the different preschools and please look at the classroom if there are distinct areas for reading, playing and group activities. Observe the children; Do most of children seem happy and busy in learning something?
  • While visiting the school, be sure to ask questions and take detailed notes about what you see and feel. Don't make a hasty decision -- look at all of the opportunities available to you.

After completing your visits, make a comparison to see what program will work best for you and your child, and then take a decision.

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