If your child doesn't want to go to pre-school
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Most of the children are happy with their pre-school. But suddenly comes a situation when your child finds excuses to avoid the school. Their may be many reasons behind this. May be, it’s nothing serious but if it is a situation that became a routine than there could be something causing your child distress everyday.

Many preschoolers who are going to school for the first time may be reluctant to spend time away from their parents, or they may be frightened to interact with other children and adults.

How to Help a Preschooler Who Hates School

  • The first step is to find out the root cause of the problem. For this sit down and talk to your child about it. It may be possible it can bring an immediate result and you will know what you are dealing with. You will also be able to give your child the support needed to fight through his/her problem.
  • Don’t force them to go to school because you paid good money. Shaming your child into compliance by remind him of your sacrifice won’t resolve what’s bothering him. Instead, it will create resentment toward you.
  • Ask your child to explain his fears. It will help you to identify the problem.
  • Help your child to shift his focus. Tell him to think all activities he enjoys in school. He’ll miss that if he doesn’t go.” Helping your child focus on the future fun will make the immediate problem seem less significant.
  • Say, “We’re all going to our jobs today. I’m going to mine and you’re going to yours at preschool. We’ll see each other after work.” Putting a positive spin on your time apart can help you both cope with separation more easily. Bribing your child tells him that he should expect a material reward for doing what you ask.
  • Remind him about the rule that he should go to school on school days.
In spite of all efforts if your child continues the same level of crying, or even becomes more upset then after consulting the teacher you can reduce his school time if it is full day now, then a half day, if it is half day now, then a quarter of day.

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