If your child threatens to run away
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Some children are too much influenced by movies, T.V that they often threaten their parents to run away. In this situation there may be two types of approaches. One is helping your child to pack their bags because you feel he’ll soon come back within a very short time and other approach is to realize them he is very loving and you love him too much. The first one can damage fragile self-esteem, and the second may sound insincere and only strengthen determination.

There may be many reasons behind this type of behavior. Sometimes child may be in some sort of problem when he feels that he cannot face the parents for fear of severe punishment. Or there may be family stresses which includes marital difficulties, alcohol-related problems, physical or sexual abuse-situations from where the child wants to escape. Sometimes children feel that they are a burden for their parents so they want to run away.

Bad company is also a major reason for this.

If your child does say she wants to leave, here are some ways of analyzing and approaching the problem:

Take seriously this threat-Give a feeling to your child you love him very much and you’ll miss very much and add that you understand how angry your child must be to consider to leaving home. Then, try to talk about the problem with your child.

Help your child to communicate his complaints. Listen with patience.

Don't tease him by packing his bags or telling him to leave. That's humiliating and scary.

Tell your child, "No, you stay here. I'm leaving." and hope that a humorous tone will change his or her mood

And finally, don't laugh or tease a child when he or she does come home, however soon it might be.

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