Improving pre-schoolers thinking skills at home
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You want to send your child to preschool but before this it is necessary to improve his thinking skills or to teach something but it’s not mean to teach alphabets or counting. There are lots of activities that will increase his reasoning abilities.

In our houses there are so many things which improve the thinking skills of children. In our kitchen, bedroom and outdoors as well .there are many simple things through which the child can learn so much.

  • Whenever you bring grocery involve your child in sorting and grouping. He will learn the technique of sorting and grouping. Ask him to keep different things in different cupboards. Talk about how these things are alike or different.
  • Similarly when you bring fruits and vegetables. Show him all these and tell him about differention between fruits and vegetables. Explain him about different colours and different shapes and various tastes like tomato is sour, mango is sweet etc.
  • Go with your child for a walk. Tell him about means of transport. Make it interesting by asking him which car or two-wheeler he likes most.
  • Make a plan for visit to a zoo. Ask him about different animals.

From these various methods you can improve thinking skills of your child. For this only some creative thoughts are required.

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