Making good use of the library
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Library is very valuable resource for your child. A habit to visit library is excellent. It is very important that child should develop this habit at very young age.

So arrange a library card for your child early.

Here are some my suggestions to make a good use of the library.

  • Introduce your child with the librarian and the services offered by the library, like using computers, or other media opportunities. Help your child to join any reading programs that might be available through your public library.
  • Let them help to learn how to check the table of contents.
  • Go to library and demonstrate how to look up books by favorite authors and those on subjects of special interest.
  • Make arrangement for a special shelf in your home for those books your child brings from library, so they won't get mixed up with your child's own books.
  • Use a special book bag for library books.
  • Let them help to learn the due date of returning the books. For this he can mark the due dates on your calendar or write them in his school diary.

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