Nurturing creativity in your pre-schooler
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All young children are creative. Creativity means having the quality to express yourself in your own way. Children are naturally creative. They do the things in their own ways what they see.

At pre-school age, children are full of energy and creative thoughts. They show it in different ways.  Small children can’t express themselves. They do it through creativity.

It is very important to raise creativity in your child at the pre-school age. Mainly creativity lies in four areas. These are:-

  • Nurture your child’s creativity by way of art. Art is a way of expressing ideas and feelings in visual form. So give him/her art material (crayons, paint, clay etc) to raise the imagination power.
  • Story telling is good medium to increase creativity. Children use their imagination and act like those characters what they listen. It enhances their creativity.
  • Creative play often provides exercise for children, which in turn stimulates physical growth. Acting like “Spiderman” needs lots of running, jumping, and climbing.
  • Encourage them to play creative games like frog race, kangaroo race etc.
  • Ask such type of questions which help in developing their imagination. For example “if candies, chocolates can grow on plants”.
  • Encouragement also helps provide children with a sense of mastery and self-worth. The 2-year-olds who hop and croak feel pride in their abilities to be frogs.
  • Fantasy also plays a important role in nurturing child’s creativity. Ask your child what he wants to become and say him to act like those persons like a police officer or doctor.
And one thing should always be remembered that is not to criticize or judge your child's creative products. Always encourage you child responding positively to what he do.

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