Parents as child's best teacher
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Parents are the first and best teacher. Parents are the strongest models and have the greatest impact on the child. A child spends only 4-5 hours in school and rest of the day with parents. They imitate their parents and their behavior reflects parents.

Your child is with you under the widest variety of circumstances -- from before the moment of birth to the present time -- often twenty-four hours a day! You've observed your child go through the most important learning events of his life, from the first step, to the first spoken word, to the first scribble, and so forth. 

  • Provide a combination of caring and discipline to promote confidence and proper ability according to each child's unique personality and developmental stage.
  • Retain regular and optimistic relationships with teachers to enhance awareness of school.
  • Help your child to meet the difficulties which he is facing in learning. Provide the support and encouragement to go through present obstacles by thinking of past victories.
  • Celebrate with your child when he achieves something.
You’ll realize you child is best child.

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