Storytelling: A Powerful Learning Tool in the Home
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Every child loves to listen stories in their elder’s nap. Storytelling is a powerful learning tool accessible to all ages and abilities. There is no need of any special training& equipments. Moreover, storytelling gives confidence to young children to discover their exclusive expressiveness and can improve a student's ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an expressive style.

There are so many advantages of storytelling for your pre-schooler.

  • Children are gaining verbal skills.
  • They are improving their imagination power.
  • Children learn so much about their customs and traditions.

The following storytelling tips apply to the telling of most stories to young children.

  • Read the story over to yourself thoroughly, or, if you are making it up, go over each of the details in your mind.
  • During story telling watch the young children. Make adjustments as needed.
  • Children participation is very important. So encourage them to participate.
  • Practice telling the story in front of a mirror or use a tape recorder. If it is possible, get feedback from another adult.
  • Selection of story must be in accordance with mental level of child.
  • Use voice variations, facial expressions, gestures, and repetitive phrases to draw the young listener into the story.
  • One thing is very important, engage the kids in the story as well, providing dialogue they can repeat or gestures they can mimic.
Storytelling is ancient but with the age of T.V, computer it is vanishing. We must be understand its importance to convey wisdom and traditions from one generation to another.

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