Teaching bike riding
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Bicycle riding is a enjoyable and popular activity among kids. Bike riding is excitement for young children.

One advantage of bike riding is that it leads to healthier lifestyle as children are becoming obese now. So encourage them to ride their bikes regularly.

Bike riding is very careful activity. Here are some basic steps to learn riding. Precautionary measures, which should be  taken.

  • Always dress up your child properly. Child should be in long pants and long sleeve shirts, because there will be dangers of fall.
  • Encourage your child to keep peddling; it helps provides balance.
  • There are two common approaches of teaching children to ride. One is using training wheels and other is running alongside and holding the seat. You can use any one or combination of both.
  • If you run along, hold the seat firmly, positioning yourself so your child can’t see you. Then, when you let go, the child probably will not notice, and there will be no reason to panic.

Besides this, there are some precautionary measures, which should be followed.

  •   Always wear a bike helmet
  •   Stop and check traffic before riding into a street
  •   Don't ride at night
  •   Obey traffic signs and signals
  •   Ride on the right-hand side of the street
  •  Check your brakes before riding.
  •   Give cars and pedestrians the right-of-way
  •  Wear light or bright-colored clothing so that motorists can see you
  •  Be extra careful turning left - motorists don't expect it
  •   Avoid broken pavement, loose gravel and leaves - which can cause you to lose control of your bike.

It is very important child must not be pressurized for excessive riding. . Allow your child to learn at his or her natural pace, and it is more likely that cycling will become a fun family activity for all of you.

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