Does your child nurture a hobby?
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When a child is born from that day parents begin to see certain dreams about his future. Some parents think about their son as a great doctor while some want their daughter to become a beauty queen. However, sometimes the ambitions of child are different from their parents. For that reason, finding out the inborn interests of child is very important. Moreover, if you do not like these interests then develop this as a child’s hobby. These hobbies can change into a attractive profession also. For example, I know a mother who shouted at her son because he spent most of his time on computer and now his son is a reputed software programmer.

For the satisfaction and pleasure of child, it is essential to understand the importance of nurturing an interest or hobby. Hobbies do not just emerge, they must be fostered. Parents must expose their children to a wide variety of experiences and support their interests. If you find it impossible then teacher’s help can be taken.. Children engage in during a school day many different activities about which we do not know.

No hobby is lesser or less dignified than the other. . By developing a hobby, they can acquire knowledge and skills for which they are perceived as competent, as an "expert" in one particular area of interest.

Children may have different hobbies. Help your child to choose a hobby that he likes. That activity that he chooses himself he will do much better. Do not ignore their opinions and desires, just because you think as a parent you know best. It enhances their self-esteem also

Expose your child to a variety of hobbies and vocations. These hobbies may be like:

  • Encourage your child for reading. Reading habit is one of the best habits we can put in our children. It increases the child’s reading and writing activities and their general knowledge also.
  • Music is also a very good habit for which we can encourage our child. Music is the sound of the soul. Vocal or instrumental music can give tremendous satisfaction to the soul. Besides, it is one of the hobbies that can be converted into a attractive profession also.
  • Dancing is also a very attractive hobby. Most of the children love to dance. It is a way for children to express themselves. If it is classical dance, it can be a respectable profession.
  •  Expose your child to world of sports. Any physical activity keeps a child mentally active, fit and alert. Sports like cricket, tennis, swimming, chess and badminton also hold a great deal of career opportunities. A child has to be consciously initiated into a sport. However, he or she should not be pushed at any level. 
  • Photography can be a good hobby also. If your child likes it, then give a camera to your child and encourage him or her to beautiful memories.
  • Painting is a great way for children to express themselves. From the young age, children have a tendency to show their emotions by way of painting.
Besides this, there can be many more hobbies like stamp-collecting, mountain climbing, cycling etc. It is important to find out and nurture any hobby, the earlier the better.

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