Baby Diaper
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Although most parents choose disposable diapers because of their convenience, some parents opt for cloth diapers, which can be more affordable (if you wash them yourself). Some believe that cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly, but there's some debate over whether this is actually true.

The choice of cloth or disposable diapers is yours. Parents often use both depending on what's most convenient at the time. Some people use cloth at home and disposable out. Ask your pediatrician for suggestions. Watch your baby's skin reactions carefully, so you can discontinue any item that irritates.

Be sure to let your baby's diaper area dry thoroughly before putting on a fresh diaper. Cleaning and changing your baby's diaper is the "work" of diaper time. The "play" of diaper time is talking to your baby, singing, and tickling her tummy. Use it as a time to make eye contact, to be silly and gentle, and to share your smile and your love.

People choose cloth diapers over disposable diapers for many reasons. Some people buy them to keep disposable diapers out of our landfills; others donít like the chemicals that go into disposable diapers. Still others find cloth diapers cheaper than disposable.

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