Baby Sleep
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New babies sleep many hours every day although the number of hours varies for each baby. Babies should be put on their backs with no pillows or bedding around them. Some like to be swaddled when they are very young to feel more safe and secure. New babies don't know the difference between night and day. You will be helping your baby learn the difference.

Baby sleep problems are very common. Almost all parents experience some difficulties with their baby’s sleep pattern. Babies up to seven months old may need night feeding. During these early months most babies wake for a feed and then go back to sleep, allowing the parent to return to sleep. Babies over seven months do not need night feeding, except if the baby is unwell or during a hot night. Babies which are breast fed are more likely to wake at night than those bottle fed.

Sleeping Tips :

Make sure the sleeping area is dimly lit as bright lights and activity usually keeps babies awake.

If your baby wakes up, check if he / she need a change of nappy or is your baby feeling too cold or hot.

If your baby wakes after she has settled, stay in the bedroom to soothe her back to sleep.

Play soft lullaby music to help soothe him off to sleep.

Rocking and walking with baby in your arms often settles a crying baby but remember.

Gently patting your baby may calm her to sleep.

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