Tips for Naming Your Baby
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Meaning of the name

Most people do not know the meaning of their own name. It is very important to consider the meaning of name. Mostly names have direct meaning but some names are derived from other names or the combination of other names. If you have chosen a name that means something embarrassing or funny, you should immediately change the name because it will drastically affect your child's life.


Your religious preference, nationality, and heritage may steer you toward a particular group of names, but try not to make the name unpronounceable or not spellable, which can be a burden on your child. Your child's heritage, nationality or religion, might be very important to you but if the names you are considering for a first name do not go well with the last name, think about using it as a middle name, while giving the child a more familiar first name or vice versa.

Popularity of the name

The popularity of a name can affect the child in good and bad ways.

Good way : Some names are very popular and many of your classmates may have the same name. Your child might feel like he fits in better with the more popular name and might be accepted more by his fellow classmates. If a child has a very uncommon or unique name, he or she might feel special from the rest of his friends because the name is uniquely his or hers, e.g. Adhya
Bad way : His classmates might look upon the unique name as a strange and weird name.


Though lovely, some names fit phonetically both sexes. Such names might confuse others while determining a sex based on names, e.g. Aarzoo


Take into consideration the complexity of the pronunciation of the name. Also sometimes people give you a short nickname with which you might feel uncomfortable. Nobody likes to have the name constantly mispronounced.


Do check that initial names are not embarrassing and this may become a problem for lifetime. Sometimes these names may match the name of pets.


An unusual spelling of a common name creates uniqueness. However, remember that your child will be condemned to a lifetime of “…that’s Smridhi spelt “S a m r i d hi…”


A common source of today's baby names comes from the names of celebrities and from the names that celebrities choose for their children. Characters from TV and movies are another popular source.


Many names come from the natural world, particularly flowers (e.g. Jasmine) and it’s a great source for unique baby names.

Foreign Names

Try to use a foreign version of a name, e.g., Sid, instead of Siddhartha. Or try using a name from a completely different culture.

Father and Mother

Try to use derivatives of one of the parents’ names, or a combination of both. Alternatively, how does the mother’s maiden name sound as a first name?

Family History

Family History often comes into play when naming a baby. If you have to use a family name that you aren't happy with, consider using it as a middle name.

Tongue Twister

The combination of first and the last name should not turn into a tongue twister

Age Factor

When you choose a name, keep in mind that it should be applicable for all ages.
Your baby's name reflects how you picture your baby as an adult. If you imagine that he may become an athletic person, you might select a name, which reflects physical strength and athleticism.


Many names create a positive or negative image. A name is often a personal first introduction to others. Therefore, you must make careful considerations when choosing a name to fit your new baby.

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