Essential clothes for your new baby
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Best part is preparing clothes for a new baby. The tiny clothes are so charming and can melt any heart. Once you get the baby home though, the most important thing about baby clothes is how well they protect your baby. One thing you must keep in mind when buying baby clothes is that your new baby is going to need lots of them. Cotton bodysuits, absorbent baby blankets, bibs, and baby booties are items that a new parent can never have enough of.


In Babys first year you will be changing around 2000-5000 nappies. Kind of nappies :

Cloth Nappies
Few leaks, a few accidents and the odor, reusable cloth nappies will work for you.

A cloth nappy allow air to circulate around baby?s bottom and hence have less chance of causing nappy rash and feel comfortable and is less irritated.

Disposable Nappies
Disposable diapers are convenience department. They are faster and easier to put on and take off.
Disposable nappies feel dry even when they have soaked up a lot of urine. This results in fewer nappy changes and consequent risk of nappy rash.
Another side is that your baby might feel so dry and happy in his nappy that it might be tough to toilet train him when the time comes. If you are looking for eco-friendly options, cloth might be better.

Choose one piece outfits because it can be easily opened and fastened so that you can change the baby outfits with minimal effort.

Cotton Clothes
Buy lots of cotton clothes (tees) its great for indoors. Try to get clothing with a stretchy neckline or those having a snap to widen the opening, as it will facilitate the changing of clothes. Clothing with snap crotches is great for diaper changes.

Sleep ? INS
Sleep INS like sleepers and pajamas for night wear keep the baby safe and easy to change outfits and comfortable to sleep in.

Warm clothes
Add some warm clothes like sweaters or jackets and fleece wear in your baby?s wardrobe because they need a lot of protection from cold weather.

Buy a couple of caps to keep the baby?s head out of the wind.

In winters you can?t do without them but keep some cotton ones for the summers so that the baby doesn?t scratch itself with its own nails.

Baby Bibs
Baby arrives a bib is an essential baby requirement. Bibs soak up baby?s regurgitated milk and when a baby is teething helping to prevent their necks getting sore by soaking up the dribble.
Bib help to keep a baby?s clothes clean when they start eating solids

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