The Hunter and the Greedy Jackal
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A hunter went to the forest in search of a kill. Spotting a well-fed boar he took his bow and aimed a sharp arrow at the boar. Though severely wounded, the boar made a wild charge at the hunter goring him to death. The boar too died later from the wounds inflicted by the hunter."

"Meanwhile, a hungry jackal, not knowing that he was doomed to die, came on the scene where the bodies of the hunter and the boar lay. He was thrilled by the sight of so much food and thought, "God has favoured me today. Thatís why he has sent so much food for me. But a man must enjoy his wealth in small doses. Therefore, I will begin my meal with this gut of the bow."

The jackal went close to the body of the hunter and began nibbling at the gut of the bow. The gut suddenly snapped with great force killing the jackal in the end.

Donít be greedy.

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