The Cunning Mediator
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A sparrow was living in the hollow of a big tree. One day, she left the tree with other sparrows in search of food and did not return. Days passed without any trace of of her returning back. One fine morning, a hare named Sighragha, came and silently occupied her nest. After some days he returned looking healthier than he was when he had left and found that the hare had taken his place. He asked the hare to leave his place but he refused. At the end, they decided to go to an expert in law and ethics who can solve their problem. The hare agreed to this proposal and both of them went in search of an expert. Meanwhile, word about their quarrel had reached a wicked and wild cat. Knowing the route that the hare and the sparrow would take, the cat set up a camp on the way. He spread a mat of grass on the ground and went into a posture of meditation. Facing the sun and raising his hands in worship, the cat began reciting scriptures. Both of them decided to make her their judge.

She said, "I will not do you any harm. After hearing your account, I will decide who among you is the rightful owner of the place in the tree. But I am now very old and cannot hear you properly. So, please come close to me and narrate your story."

When the poor and innocent sparrow and hare came within the reach of the cat, he pounced on them and grabbed the sparrow in his teeth and slashed the body of the hare with his jaws and killed them.

Third party among two disagreed parties is always beneficiary.

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