The Dog
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Chitranga was a dog living in a city in the south visited by famine for many years. Dogs began dying by the hundreds because there was no food. There was a danger that they would disappear as species. So, Chitranga left that city and came to a far-off city in search of food. There he found the house of a wealthy man whose wife was a lazy and careless woman who would not close the doors of the house.

Every day, Chitranga would sneak into the open house and have his fill. But he really could not enjoy his food because as soon as he came out of the house, street mongrels attacked him and severely wounded him.

Chitranga thought, "Oh, I made a mistake in coming here. Home was better even if there was no food. There was no struggle like this for food. Let me go home."

In the end, Chitranga left that city and returned home.

Seeing him return from abroad, Chitrangaís friends asked him, "Tell us everything about the country you have visited. How are the people there? What is their culture?"

The dog said, "The less said the better about that country. Everything is freely available because the women are careless. Yet your own kith and kin deprive you of this joy."

Own faculty becomes the enemy in foreign country.

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