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DaegelFrom Daegel, England
DaelenA Form Of Dale
DagwoodShining Forest
DalanA Form Of Dale
DalbertBright, Shining
DalenA Form Of Dale
DaleyA Familiar Form Of Dale
DalinA Form Of Dallin
DallanA Form Of Dalan, Dallin
DallenA Form Of Dalan, Dallin
DallinPride's People
DallonA Form Of Dallan
DallynPride's People
DalonA Form Of Dale
DalstonDaegel's Place
DaltonTown In The Valley
DalvinA Form Of Delvin
DalynA Form Of Dale
DaneFrom Denmark.
DanforthA Form Of Daniel
DanishFrom Denmark
DarellA Form Of Darrell
DarenA Form Of Darren
DareonA Form Of Darren
DarnelA Form Of Darnell
DarnellHidden Place
DarnelleA Form Of Darnell
DaronA Form Of Darren
DarrelA Form Of Darrell
DarrenSmall; Rocky Hill
DartonDeer Town
DarvellEagle Town
DarvinA Form Of Darwin
DarwinDear Friend.
DaultonA Form Of Dalton
DawsonSon Of David
DayA Form Of Daniel

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DaytonDay Town; Bright, Sunny Town
DeabornDeer Brook
DeemsJudge;s Child
DelA Short Form Of Delbert
DelbertA Name That Means Bright As Day.
DellSmall Valley.
DeltonA Form Of Dalton
DelvinProud Friend; Friend From The Valley
DelvonA Form Of Delvin
DelwinA Form Of Delvin
DempsterOne Who Judges
DenhamVillage In The Valley
DenleyMeadow; Valley
DenmanMan From The Valley
DennisonSon Of Dennis
DentonA Name That Means Settlement
DenverGreen Valley
DerwardDeer Keeper
DerwinA Form Of Darwin
DexterFabric Dyer
DiamondBrilliant Gem; Bright Guardian
DicksonSon Of Dick
DixonSon Of Dick
DoaneLow, Rolling Hills
DobA Familiar Form Of Robert
DraperFabric Maker
DrewA Short Form Of Andrew
DruA Form Of Drew
DrueA Form Of Drew
DrydenDry Valley
DubricDark Ruler
DuddA Short Form Of Dudley
DudleyCommon Field.
DunleyHilly Meadow
DunstanBrownstone Fortress
DunstanoA Form Of Dunstan
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