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LaidleyPath Along The Marshy Meadow
LainA Form Of Lane
LandanA Form Of Landon
LandenA Form Of Landon
LandinA Form Of Landon
LandonOpen, Grassy Meadow
LaneNarrow Road
LangdonLong Hill
LangfordLong Ford
LangstonLong, Narrow Town
LathropBarn, Farmstead
LawfordFord On The Hill
LawleyLow Meadow On A Hill
LawryA Familiar Form Of Lawrence
LawsonSon Of Lawrence
LawtonTown On The Hill
LayneA Form Of Lane
LaytonA Form Of Leighton
LeeA Short Form Of Farley.
LeightonMeadow Farm
LelandSignifies Meadow-land.
LeonelLittle Lion
LewA Short Form Of Lewis
LewinA Form Of Louis
LexA Short Form Of Alexander
LincA Short Form Of Lincoln
LincolnSignifies Settlement By The Pool.
LindellValley Of The Linden
LindenA Form Of Lyndon
LindleyLinden Field
LindonA Form Of Lyndon
LinfordLinden Ford
LintonFlax Town
LinwoodFlax Wood
LittonTown On The Hill

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LivingstonLeif's Town
LleytonA Form Of Leighton
LondonFortress Of The Moon.
LordNoble Title
LorryA Form Of Laurie
LouvainLou's Vanity
LovellA Form Of Lowell
LoyalFaithful, Loyal
LudlowPrince's Hill
LyndalValley Of Lime Trees
LyndenA Form Of Lyndon
LyndonSuggests Linden Tree Hill.
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