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PaceA Form Of Pascal
PaceyA Form Of Pace
PadenA Form Of Patton
PadgetA Form Of Page
PalmerPalm-bearing Pilgrim
ParishA Form Of Parrish
ParkerPark Keeper
ParkinLittle Peter
ParrCattle Enclosure, Barn
ParrishChurch District
PatA Short Form Of Patrick
PattonWarrior's Town
PaydenA Form Of Payton
PaytonA Form Of Patton
PearceA Form Of Pierce
PearsonSon Of Peter
PeersA Form Of Peter
PeirceA Form Of Peter
PelhamTannery Town
PeltonTown By A Pool
PenleyEnclosed Meadow
PerkinLittle Peter
PerryA Familiar Form Of Peregrine
PeteA Short Form Of Peter
PetersonSon Of Peter
PetonA Form Of Patton
PeytonA Form Of Patton
PhelpsSon Of Phillip
PhilbertA Form Of Filbert
PhineasA Form Of Pinchas
PickfordFord At The Peak
PickworthWood Cutter's Estate
PictonTown On The Hill's Peak
PierceA Form Of Peter
PiersA Form Of Peter
PiersonSon Of Peter
PitneyIsland Of The Strong-willed Man
PittPit, Ditch

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PollockA Form Of Pollux
PrescottPriest's Cottage
PrestonPriest's Estate
PriestHoly Man
PrincetonPrincely Town
PutnamDweller By The Pond
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