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RadbertBrilliant Advisor
RadburnRed Brook; Brook With Reeds
RadcliffRed Cliff
RadfordRed Ford; Ford With Reeds
RadleyRed Meadow; Meadow Of Reeds
RadnorRed Shore; Shore With Reeds
RafeA Form Of Ralph
RaineLord Or Wise Counsel.
RalphWolf Counselor.
RalphieA Familiar Form Of Ralph
RalstonRalph's Settlement
RamsdenValley Of Rams
RamseyRam's Island
RandShield; Warrior
RandalA Form Of Randolph
RandellA Form Of Randolph
RandolphShield Wolf
RandyA Familiar Form Of Rand
RankinSmall Shield
RansfordRaven's Ford
RansleyRaven's Field
RansomSon Of The Shield
RavonA Form Of Raven
RawdonRough Hill
RawleighDeer Meadow
RayA Short Form Of Raymond
RayburnDeer Brook
RayceA Form Of Race
RayfieldStream In The Field
RayfordStream Ford
RaymonA Form Of Raymond
RaymondWise Protector.
ReadA Form Of Reed, Reid
ReadingSon Of The Red Wanderer
RedfortRed River Crossing
RedleyRed Meadow; Meadow With Reeds

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RedpathRed Path
ReedA Form Of Reid
RegA Short Form Of Reginald
ReggieA Familiar Form Of Reginald
ReginalA Form Of Reginald
ReginaldKing's Advisor.
ReinholdA Form Of Reynold
RemingtonRaven Estate
RenfredLasting Peace
RenshawRaven Woods
RentonSettlement Of The Roe Deer
RexfordKing's Ford
RextonKing's Town
ReyesA Form Of Reece
ReymondA Form Of Raymond
ReynoldKing's Advisor
RiceRich, Noble
RichA Short Form Of Richard
RichardMeans A Rich And Powerful Ruler
RickA Short Form Of Frederick, Richard
RickerPowerful Army
RickeyA Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick
RickieA Familiar Form Of Rick
RickwardMighty Guardian
RickyA Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick
RidgeRidge Of A Cliff
RidgeleyMeadow Near The Ridge
RidgewayPath Along The Ridge
RidleyMeadow Of Reeds
RigbyRuler's Valley
RingoA Familiar Form Of Ring
RipleyMeadow Near The River
RisleyMeadow With Shrubs
RistonSettlement Near The Shrubs
RitchardA Form Of Richard
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