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WadeFord Or River Crossing
WadleyFord Meadow
WadsworthVillage Near The Ford
WaelA Form Of Wales
WainA Form Of Wayne
WainwrightWagon Maker
WakeAwake, Alert
WakefieldWet Field
WakelyWet Meadow
WalbyHouse Near A Wall
WalcottCottage By The Wall
WaldenWooded Valley
WalesFrom Wales
WalfordWelshman's Ford
WalkerCloth Walker; Cloth Cleaner
WallaceFrom Wales
WallerWall Maker
WallyA Familiar Form Of Walter
WalshA Form Of Wallace
WaltA Short Form Of Walter
WaltonWalled Town
WalworthFenced-in Farm
WalwynWelsh Friend
WarburtonFortified Town
WardSignifies Watchman
WardenValley Guardian
WardleyWatchman's Meadow
WareWary, Cautions
WarfieldField Near The Weir Of Fish Trap
WarickTown Hero
WarleyMeadow Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
WarmondTrue Guardian
WartonTown Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
WarwickBuildings Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
WashburnOverflowing River
WashingtonTown Near Water

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WatfordWattle Ford
WatkinsSon Of Walter
WatsonSon Of Walter
WaydeA Form Of Wade
WaylandA Form Of Waylon
WaylonLand By The Road
WaymanRoad Man; Traveler
WayneWagon Maker
WebleyWeaver's Meadow
WeddelValley Near The Ford
WelborneSpring-fed Stream
WeldonHill Near The Well
WelfordFord Near The Well
WellingtonRich Man's Town
WelshA Form Of Wallance, Walsh
WeltonTown Near The Well
WendellGood Dale, Good Valley
WenfordWhite Ford
WensleyClearing In A Meadow
WentworthPale Man's Settlement
WernerA Form Of Warner
WesA Short Form Of Wesley
WesleyWestern Meadow
WeslyA Form Of Wesley
WestbrookWestern Brook
WestbyWestern Farmstead
WestcottWestern Cottage
WestinA Form Of Weston
WestleyA Form Of Wesley
WestonWestern Town
WetherbyWether-sheep Farm
WetherellWether-sheep Corner
WetherlyWether-sheep Meadow
WeylinA Form Of Waylon
WhalleyWoods Near A Hill
WhartonTown On The Bank Of A Lake
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