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Indian Baby Boy Names

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AckerleyMeadow Of Oak Trees
AckleyA Form Of Ackerley
ActonOak-tree Settlement
AdneyNoble's Island
AikenMade Of Oak
AlcottOld Cottage
AldenOld; Wise Protector
AlderidgeAlder Ridge
AldisOld House
AldredOld; Wise Counselor
AldrichWise Counselor
AldwinOld Friend
AlfieA Familiar Form Of Alfred
AlfordOld River Ford
AlfredCounsel From Elves
AlgerA Short Form Of Algernon
AlgernonBearded, Wearing A Moustache
AlgieA Familiar Form Of Algernon
AlistairA Form Of Alexander
AllardNoble, Brave
AllisterA Form Of Alistair
AlstonNoble's Settlement
AltonOld Town
AlvarArmy Of Elves
AlvinNoble Friend Or Elf Friend.
AnsonAnne's Son
ArchieA Familiar Form Of Archer
ArdleyArdent Meadow
ArledgeLake With The Hares
ArleyA Short Form Of Harley
ArloFortified Hill
ArmstrongStrong Arm
ArtA Short Form Of Arthur
ArtieA Familiar Form Of Arthur
ArtisA Form Of Artis
ArundelEagle Valley
AscotEastern Cottage

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AshburnFrom The Ash-tree Stream
AshfordAsh-tree Ford
AstonEastern Town.
AthertonTown By A Spring
AtkinsFrom The Home Of The Relatives
AtwaterAt The Water's Edge
AtwellAt The Well
AtwoodAt The Forest
AtworthAt The Farmstead
AudenOld Friend
AudieA Familiar Form Of Edward
AudricWise Ruler
AveryA Form Of Aubrey
AyersHeir To A Fortune
AylmerA Form Of Elmer
AylwinNoble Friends
BadrickAxe Ruler
BailA Form Of Vail
BancroftBean Frield
BannerFlag Bearer
BarclayPlace Where Birches Grow.
BardenBarley Valley
BarkerLumberjack; Advertiser At A Carnival
BarlowBare Hillside
BarnabyA Form Of Barnabas
BarnesBear; Son Of Barnett
BarneyRace Car Driver
BarnumBaron's Home
BaronNobleman, Baron
BarricGrain Farm
BarringtonFenced Town
BarronA Form Of Baron
BartletA Form Of Bartholomew
BartleyBarley Meadow
BartonBarley Farm Or Bart's Town. The Epon..
BartramA Form Of Bertram
BassettLittle Person
BatA Short Form Of Bartholomew
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Total Records Found: 1682

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