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Indian Baby Boy Names

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CarsonSon Of Carr
CarterCart Driver
CartlandCart Builder's Island
CartwrightCart Builder
CarvellVillage On The Marsh
CarverWood-carver; Sculptor
CawleyCow Meadow
CedericA Form Of Cedric
CedricAn Alternative Form Of Kedrick
CedrickA Form Of Cedric
CedrikA Form Of Cedric
ChadFrom The Celtic Meaning Warrior
ChaddA Form Of Chad
ChadwickWarrior's Town
ChanceA Short Form Of Chancellor
ChancellorRecord Keeper
ChancelorA Form Of Chancellor
ChandlerCandle Maker
ChanseA Form Of Chance
CharlesStrong And Manly
CharlestonA Form Of Carlton
CharlieA Familiar Form Of Charles
CharltonA Form Of Carlton
ChasA Familiar Form Of Charles
ChathamWarrior's Home
ChaunceyChancellor; Church Official
ChauncyA Form Of Chauncey
ChazA Familiar Form Of Charles
ChazzA Familiar Form Of Charles
ChesterA Short Form Of Rochester
ChestonA Form Of Chester
ChetA Short Form Of Chester
ChickA Familiar Form Of Charles
ChiltonFarm By The Spring
ChipA Familiar Form Of Charles
ChipperA Form Of Chip
ChurchillChurch On The Hill.
ClayClay Pit

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ClayborneBrook Near The Clay Pit
ClaytonTown Built On Clay
CleveA Short Form Of Cleveland
ClevelandLand Of Cliffs
CliffA Short Form Of Clifford
CliffordCliff At The River Crossing
CliftonLiterally, Cliff Town
ClintA Short Form Of Clinton
ClintonHillside Town.
CliveA Steep Bank.
CoadyA Form Of Cody
CoburnMeeting Of Streams
CodeyA Form Of Cody
CodieA Form Of Cody
ColbertFamous Seafarer
ColbeyA Form Of Colby
ColbyDark; Dark Haired
ColeA Short Form Of Colbert, Coleman
ColemanCoal Miner
ColeyA Familiar Form Of Cole
ColleyBlack Haired; Swarthy
ColmanA Form Of Coleman
ColsonSon Of Nicholas
ColtYoung Horse; Frisky
ColtanA Form Of Colton
ColtenA Form Of Colton
ColterHerd Of Colts
ColtinA Form Of Colton
ColtonCoal Town
ColtynA Form Of Colton
ConnieAmong The Famous People
CooperBarrel Maker
CorlissCheerful; Goodhearted
CornwallisFrom Cornwall
CortlandA Form Of Courtland
CorwinHeart's Companion; Heart's Delight
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Total Records Found: 1682

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