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DicksonSon Of Dick
DixonSon Of Dick
DoaneLow, Rolling Hills
DobA Familiar Form Of Robert
DraperFabric Maker
DrewA Short Form Of Andrew
DruA Form Of Drew
DrueA Form Of Drew
DrydenDry Valley
DubricDark Ruler
DuddA Short Form Of Dudley
DudleyCommon Field.
DunleyHilly Meadow
DunstanBrownstone Fortress
DunstanoA Form Of Dunstan
DuntonHill Town
DurA Short Form Of Durwin
DurwinA Form Of Darwin
DustinStrong-hearted Leader.
DustyA Familiar Form Of Dustin
DwightA Form Of DeWitt
DyerFabric Dyer
DykeDike; Ditch
DysonA Short Form Of Dennison
EanA Form Of Ian
EastonEastern Town
EatonEstate On The River
EbnerA Form Of Abner
EdA Short Form Of Edgar, Edward
EdbertWealthy; Bright
EddieA Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
EddyA Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
EdgarWealthy Spearman.
EdgardA Form Of Edgar
EdisonSon Of Edward
EdmondA Form Of Edmund

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EdmundWhich Means Prosperous Protector
EdricProsperous Ruler
EdselRich Man's House
EdsonA Short Form Of Edison
EdwardProsperous Guardian.
EdwinProsperous Friend.
EgbertBright Sword
EgertonEdgar's Town
ElbertA Form Of Albert
EldenA Form Of Alden, Aldous
ElderDweller Near The Elder Trees
EldonSacred Hill.
EldredA Form Of Aldred
EldridgeA Form Of Aldrich
EldwinA Form Of Aldwin
ElginNoble; White
ElianA Form Of Elijah
ElijhaA Form Of Elijah
ElioA Form Of Elliot
EliotA Form Of Elliot
ElliotCrime Fighter
ElliottA Form Of Elijah
EllisA Form Of Elias
EllsworthNobleman's Estate
ElmerNoble Or Famous.
ElmoreMoor Where The Elm Trees Grow
ElsdonNobleman's Hill
ElstonNoble's Town
ElsworthNoble's Estate
EltonOld Town
ElvinA Form Of Alvin
ElvyElfin Warrior
ElwellOld Well
ElwoodOld Forest
EricBrave Ruler
ErickA Form Of Eric
EricksonSon Of Eric
ErlandNobleman's Land
ErlingNobleman's Son
ErnestEarnest Or Sincere.
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Total Records Found: 1682

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