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BaxterAn Alternate Form Of Baker
BayardReddish Brown Hair
BayronA Form Of Baron
BeacherBeech Trees
BeamerTrumpet Player
BeasleyField Of Peas
BellBell Ringer
BentleyMoor; Coarse Grass Meadow
BentonBen's Town; Town On The Moors
BerkeleyA Form Of Barclay
BernardBrave As A Bear.
BerryBerry; Grape
BertieA Familiar Form Of Bert
BertonBright Settlement; Fortified Town
BertramBright Raven.
BerwickBarley Farm
BevalLike The Wind
BickfordAxe-man's Ford
BinkyA Familiar Form Of Bancroft, Vincent
BirchWhite; Shining; Birch Tree
BirkeyIsland With Birch Trees
BirkittBirch-tree Coast
BirleyMeadow With The Cow Barn
BirneyIsland With A Brook
BirtleHill With Birds
BladeKnife, Sword
BlainA Form Of Blaine
BlaineRiver Source
BlakeSignifies Dark.
BlaykeA Form Of Blake
BlazeFlame; Trail Mark Made On A Tree
BoA Form Of Beau
BobA Short Form Of Robert

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BobbyA Familiar Form Of Bob, Robert
BoltonFrom The Manor Farm
BondTiller Of The Soil
BookerBookmaker; Book Lover; Bible Lover
BordenValley Of The Boar; Boar's Den
BosleyGrove Of Trees
BostonA Form Of Bosley
BoswellBoar Enclosure By The Stream
BourneBrook, Stream
BradA Short Form Of Bradford Or Bradley
BradburnBroad Stream
BradenBroad Valley
BradeyA Form Of Brady
BradfordBroad River Ford.
BradleeA Form Of Bradley
BradleyBroad Meadow.
BradlyA Form Of Bradley
BradonBroad Hill
BradshawBroad Forest
BradyBroad Island
BradynA Form Of Braden
BraedanA Form Of Braden
BraedenA Form Of Braden
BraedonA Form Of Bradon
BraedynA Form Of Braden
BraidenA Form Of Braden
BraidonA Form Of Bradon
BrainardBold Raven; Prince
BramwellBramble Spring
BrandFirebrand; Sword
BrandanA Form Of Brandon
BrandenBeacon Valley
BrandinA Form Of Branden
BrandoA Form Of Brand
BrandonBeacon Hill
BrandtA Form Of Brant
BrandynA Form Of Brandon
BransenA Form Of Branson
BransonSon Of Brandon
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Total Records Found: 1682

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