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Arunachal Pradesh - Lohit District

Lohit is an administrative district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. The district headquarters are located at Tezu. The Lohit District is situated on the northeastern extremity of Arunachal Pradesh. It lies approx. between the latitudes 27 degree 33' and 29 degree 22'N and the Longitudes 95 degree 15' E and 97 degree 24'E. It has a total area of 11402 Sq. KM and a population of 143,478 (as of 2001). The capital city Tezu is at an altitude of 21 deg above MSL. This area was one of the last territories to be brought under British control after the punitive Abor and Mishmi Expedition in the first decade of the 20th Century, and was known earlier as the Mishmi Hills. The district is named after the Lohit River, from the Sanskrit Louhitya, reddish- or rust-coloured, and consists of the river valley and hills/mountains to the North and South. On 16th February, 2004, Anjaw district was carved out from the northern part of Lohit district bordering Tibet and Myanmar, with its Headquarters at Hawai. Anjaw was carved out under The Arunachal Pradesh Re-organization of Districts Amendment Bill. The area is highly inaccessible, and it is only in 2004 that a permanent bridge has been made operational across the Lohit at the holy site of Parashuram Kund, giving round-the-year connection to Tezu.


Lohit is the home of the Zekhring, Khampti, Singpho and Mishmi tribes. A small group of Tibetan refugees have settled in Lohit since the 1960s. The Zekhring are Tibetan Buddhists; the Khampti and Singpho are Theravada Buddhists, and the Mishmi are mainly Animists.


The climate is hot and highly humid in the lower elevations and in the Valleys and mildly cold in the higher elevations. The winter prevails during the months from late November to early March. The period from March to May is the pre-monsoon season. It is followed by monsoon from June to October.

Fairs & Festivals

Tamladu and Sangken are the main festivals celebrated in the Lohit District. Tamladu is celebrated by the Mishmis on 15th February whereas Sangken, the main festival of the Khamtis and Singphos is celebrated on 14th of April. The local people honour the festivals of each other. The people of other districts also equally observe their respective festivals with full splendour.

How to reach

Tezu is connected to the adjacent state-Assam by road and air. Visitor can reach Tezu by bus, private vehicle and taxies from Tinsukia, Dhola. One has to cross the rivers Noa-dehing, Digaru and a few river lets if follow the Tinsukia via Namsai road to Tezu or one has to cross mighty Brahmaputra river to Dhola-ghat. Then Sadiya Sunpura road to Tezu. There are two check-gates. One is at Dirak near Mahadevpur at Lekang Circle and the other is at Sunpura at Sunpura circle. The distance from Dirak gate to Tezu and from Sunpura to Tezu is about 65 Kms. and 30 Kms. respectively.

There is direct Arunachal Pradesh state transport (APST) bus service connection from Tinsukia to Tezu. The Tinsukia APST bus station is situated at Tinsukia Township along with the bus station of the Assam state transport service. Private buses/taxis are also available at Tinsukia.

The nearest airports are at Dibrugarh (Mohanbari) and Guwahati (Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport) in Assam. Helicopter (Pawan Hans) flights are available from Dibrugarh and Naharlagun. One can travel by Indian Airlines and Sahara Flights up to Mohanbari from where one can travel through land route.

District Lohit at a glance
Population of District(2001 Census)
Total 1,43,478
Male 77252
Female 66226
Literacy Rate 56.05
Sex Ratio 8057
Number of Legistlative Members 6
Educational Institutions
Colleges 1
Technical Institute -
Higher Secondary Schools 7
High Schools 14
Middle Schools 27
Primary School 125
Major Health Centres
General Hospitals 1
Primary Health Centres 7
Community Health Centres 2
Major Tribes Mishmi (including IDU, TAROAN & KAMMAN),
Tai Khamti (including KHAMYANG),
Resources found Limestone, forest resources, hydel sources
Important Wild Life
Animals Mithun, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, White Browed Gibbon, Red Panthers, Musk Deer.
Birds Hornbill, White Winged Duck, Green Pigeon, Sclater Monal, Bengal Florican, Temminick's Tragopan
Major Festivals Tamladu(Mishmi) - 15 Feb,
Sangken(Khamti & Singpho) - 14 April
No. of Sub-Divisions 3
No. of Blocks 5
No. of Circles 14