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Chandigarh Festivals

Apart from traditional religious festivals of India, people of Chandigarh enjoy many local festivals.

The Festival of Gardens : It is organized in the last week of February. Earlier it was famous by the name of "Rose Festival". It is the biggest Rose Show in the country. Varieties of magnificent roses are on display during this festival. It was intended to encourage people to walk through the Rose Garden and enjoy the beauty of roses. The festival features performances of music and dance, both classical and folk, flower shows, events for children, exhibitions by local artists, photographers and craftsman and a wide range of other activities.

The Mango Festival :It is celebrated in the month of June at Pinjore Gardens. Different varieties of mangoes are displayed in the festival. Mango growers from all over India get together at one place giving a chance to public to taste the varieties of mangoes. At the festival, mango products like juice, squash, jams, pickles and aam papad are also displayed.

Baisakhi : The first day of the Hindu new year (according to Vikrami calender) is marked by Baisakhi, primarily a harvest festival. This is celebrated with great gusto in Chandigarh where Bhangara dancers, energetic and vigorous country youths enhant everybody with their ebullience. It is also the main festival for Sikhs as on this day in 1699, the 10th Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa Panth .

The Chrysanthemums Show : A flower show is held every year in the Terrace Garden of Sector 33 in the month of December . The Chrysanthemum Show attracts a lot of visitors as well as participants to Chandigarh. Hundreds of varieties of the flower are on display and city gardeners vie for coveted honors in the competitions.

Teej Festival : It is the festival of monsoon celebrated by women. The Rock Garden of Chandigarh becomes the centre of activity during Teej celebrated in the month of August every year. Women accessories like bangles, mehndi, and other makeup utilities are displayed at the Rock garden during the festival. One can see every female dressed up with full jewelry like newly weds.

April Fool's Day : No other city in India hosts such festival, various famous poets from all over the country gather on April 1st in Chandigarh. They recite verses in a jocular vein. On this day Chandigarh becomes a laughter zone. Even those who do not ordinarily enjoy poetry look forward to the Maha Moorkh Sammelan, or Conclave of Colossal Fools. People listen to the foolish poetry of poets and share a lighter side of the life with them.

The Chandigarh Carnival : This carnival is celebrated in the second week of November (just before Children's Day) every year for three days. The carnival opens with a colourful procession followed by number of competitions. The carnival is a time for students and children to show their talent and elders too participate in a number of competitions.

The Plaza Carnival : Every Saturday evening, people of Chandigarh enjoy the three-hour Plaza Carnival held on an open-air stage set up in Sector 17's central plaza. The carnival is free for all and draws a large crowd. It intends to promote local artists from every field. The attractions vary every Saturday and it could be anything from dance, music, and magic show to painting display, sculpture display, acrobatics, or mimicry.