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Chandigarh Language

As per the History and location of Chandigarh, North Indian is the basic color in which all of the other languages blend. Punjabi being the most prominent one. People generally speak the combination of Punjabi and Hindi. However unlike majority of Indian cities Chandigarh has attracted people from nearly all parts of India.

Being Chandigarh a city of Government servants as it was primarily built for this purpose. In addition to having the offices of Governments of Punjab, Haryana and Central Government, Chandigarh also inhibits large establishments of Airforce, Army and CRPF. Which in turn is responsoble for its multicultural and multilingual atmosphere, giving this City Beautiful all the shades and blends on all grounds.

You can always find someone speaking any of the Indian language.

But the most appropriate abbreviation for the language vocabularies hit among the youth of Chandigarh would be Hinglish (the combination of Hindi and English) or Punglish (the combination of Punjabi and English) which are further being blended and developed to include the combination of all Punjabi, Hindi and English super-influenced with the urge to use abbreviations in line with SMS culture which is taking up city youth with waves.