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Chandigarh Lifestyle

People of Chandigarh were accustomed to a casual and leisurely lifestlyle which has now gradually changed to a fast and busy one. People are peaceful friendly and broad minded. This reflects in the fact that Chandigarh has now become a trendsetter in fashion.

Also the Chandigarh Carnival that is held every year in the sector 17 plaza is a major center for boosting and bring across the people of Chandigarh the talent of its residents, as people perform on stage and large crowds gather around to see and enjoy what the upcoming artists of the city have in store. Also many art exibitions are held in various auditoriams of the city creating a creative enviornment, all year round.

Life in Chandigarh is peaceful largely due to efficeint state run administration. All the government offices are surprisingly well maintained and up to date. SBI, the telecom department and the central bus service are few examples. Chandigarh is also responsible for the birth of the word 'GERI' which basically means patrolling or moving around in an area. This word got its meaning from the youth of the city studying in the various city colleges and the University located in the northern part of the city. Whenever the students get a time-out from their lecture and busy schedule, they along with their friends go around the various city colleges and Panjab University to check out the crowd and flaunt their ride !

The people of Chandigarh, being influenced by closeness of Punjab, are very friendly and warm. Especially the Chandigarh youth. Although this city houses a lot of Senior Citizens and Retired Majors, but yet both the generations have a capabale understanding. Youth of Chandigarh hang around, with a steam of eating joints, chick cloths, and happening music. People of Chandigarh have there main concentration on education. It boasts of many world renowed educational institiutes. The city does not have a night life and most of the occasions or celebration die out at about 10:00 PM, and the regular days are limited upto 9:00 PM. Although this does not implies that the city is completely dead after 9:00 PM. A nice and decent crowd is regular at cool pubs and discs, the number of which has been increasing in Chandigarh.