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Amit Chaudhuri

Amit Chaudhuri, born on 1969, is an Indian English author. He has written numerous novels, short stories, and critical essays in English, but is probably best known for his book Freedom Song. Amit Chaudhuri grew up in Bombay and attended University College, London and Balliol College, Oxford. He was also a writer-in-residence at Wolfson College, Oxford. His first book, A Strange and Sublime Address, won the Betty Trask Award. His latest book is a collection of short stories and reminescences entitled Real Time. In 2004, Chaudhuri edited The Vintage Book of Modern Indian Literature. He lives in Kolkata, India.

Date of Birth 1969
Date of Death -
Place of Birth India

Kalidasa's works include plays, Epics and lyrics. His play 'Abhinjnana Sakunthalam' (Recognition of Sakunthala) is the most well-known of all his works and it has been translated into various languages of the world. In all, 7 works of Kalidasa are available today. They are: 'Malavikagnimitra', 'Vikramorvasiyam' and 'Abhijnana Sakunthalam' (plays); 'Raghu Vansa' and 'Kumara Sambhavam' (Epics); 'Meghdoot' and 'Ritu Samhara' (lyrics).