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Gujrat - Surat

Situated on the south of Vadodara lies the important trading center and port of ancient India called Surat,the city of Textile mills. It is also famous for its zari and brocades and is also an important diamond cutting centre. It is a city of riches, of gems and diamonds. Located on the southern bank of Tapti, Surat is renowned for its fine silk and exquisite brocades like the Tanchoi, Gajee and Kinkhab styles sometimes woven with gold and silver threads. It is also famous for spices and its diamond market as well as ivory and wood artwork of rare beauty. Times may have changed but Surat remains and continues to grow. The climate of Surat is mild due to its nearness to the Arabian Sea. There is not much change in the winter and summer temperature, which ranges between 10°C to 38°C. The best time to visit is between October and March. Historically Surat is intimately connected to the freedom struggle.

Places of Interest in Surat

The Old Fort , The Textile Market , Dumas , Hajira , Dandi

Places of Interest around Surat

Ubharat , Bulsar , Bardoli , Ukai , Tithal
The Old Fort
Built by Mohammad Tughlak in the 14th century, as a defence fortification against the Bhils.

The Textile Market
Surat's vast and active textile market testifies its importance in the textile trade even today.

A seaside health resort 16 kms from Surat.

It is situated 28 kms from Surat. The pleasant Hajira Beach is fringed by feathery 'Casurina' trees and has a comfortable holiday home for visitors.

Situated on the coastline and well known as a salt centre, Dandi has acquired a name in history after the famous 'Dandi March Salt Satyagraha' launched by Gandhiji in March, 1930 AD. While overtly the Dandi march purported to protest against the hateful Salt Tax levied by the British, the underlying purpose was to kindle the spark of Civil Disobedience and thereby attain independence. On a warm April morning in 1930, Gandhi and his 78 followers marched 241 miles to Dandi and formally breached the Salt Law, an act that would go down in the annals of history as the first salvo to be fired against the British Empire.

Places of Interest around Surat


It is situated 42 kms from Surat. Ubharat is known for a fine, sandy beach with a backdrop of shady palm groves.

It is situated 108 kms from Surat and 5 kms from Valsad on the Bombay Vadodara Western Railway. A beautiful sandy beach palm sheltered cottages is what you would get to see there.

It is situated 34 kms from Surat. Gandhiji had launched a farmers' movement known as the 'Bardoli Satyagrah' in 1921-22 under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Swaraj Ashram at Bardoli has become a place of pilgrimage in India.

It is situated 94 kms from Surat. A major multipurpose irrigation project of Gujarat, the storage of water at the dam site is almost as large as that of Bhakra Nangal Dam in Punjab .

The Vansda National Park is situated in Bulsar District. Wild animals such as leopards, tigers, panthers and wild boars are found here.

How to reach

By Air

Various domestic airlines connecting Mumbai and Bhavnagar.

By Train
Surat is on the Mumbai - Delhi - Ahmedabad broad gauge line.

By Road
State transport buses and private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat, Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh , Delhi and Rajasthan , Tourist taxis, metered auto rickshaws and the city bus service are main modes for commuting.

Distance from Surat to :  
Mumbai 282 Kms
Vadodara 129 Kms
Ahmedabad 230 Kms
Surat at a glance:
Surat at a glance:  
Languages Gujarati, Hindi, English.
STD Code 0261
Tourist Information Centre Tourist Office, Gujarat Pravas Nigam Ltd, 1/847 Athugar Street, Nanpura, near Kailash Restaurant, Surat.
Hospitals Surat Trust Hospital, Athwa Lines; Adarsh Hospital Near St. Xavier's School.
Post & Telegraph Head Post Office, Mahidharpura; Central Telegraph Office, Mahidharpura.


This hill station is situated in Dang district at the southeast corner of the state. It has an altitude of 1000m. This place has the Sarpagana river flowing nearby which has a sacred snake image on its banks. Saputara -literally, the Abode of Serpents-is Gujarat's best-known hill resort, situated atop the second highest plateau in the Sahyadri range and in the midst of thick forests. Saputara is picture postcard perfect with lakes, streams, woodlands and hills. At the heart of Saputara is a lake, with boating facilities. A climbing road takes you up to the Chimney ropeway, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills. The 'Pushpak Ropeway' is nearly one km long and is usually busy in the evenings. Children and young couples eagerly await their turn on the countries longest ropeway. The Dangs, in which Saputara lies, rises from 50 to 1083 m above sea level offering a vista of paradise. The climate here is cool and bracing throughout the year. The monsoon being pleasant with small flittering waterfalls all around and the hill resort looking beautifully green. It is 160 Kms from Surat. Best time to visit is between April to early July. Pretty pieces of pottery, jewellery, vases, paintings, pen stands, key chains, all made from bamboo chips and other locally found material can be purchased from here. Children can learn to make simple items in the workshop organised by the craftsmen.

How to reach

By Air

Nearest airport is Mumbai, 250 kms.

By Train
Nearest railway station is Waghai, on the Billimora - Waghi narrow gauge section of the Western Railway. For those coming from Gujarat via Surat or Ahmedabad or even tom Bombay, Billimora is the most convenient rail head as direct bus service is available from there.

By Road
State transport buses end private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is situated 409 kms from Ahmedabad and 51 kms from Waghai. Diversion from National Highway 8 (to Ahmedabad) at Chikli-Waghai-Saputara-Nasik-Vani-Saputara. Hired jeeps from Ahwa; organised tours within and outside Saputara in mini buses by Chitrakoot/ Vaity during peak seasons (two buses). Organised tours by TCGL. If you are driving down in your own car be sure to stop for fuel near Waghai (51 kms. from Saputara) or at a petrol pump 40 ms towards Nasik before you enter Saputara as there are no petrol pumps in Saputara.

Places of Interest

Ambapada , Vansda National Park , Purna Sanctuary , Boating , Sunrise Point , The Ropeway , Gopipura Gandharvapura Artists' Village , Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum

The Dangs district has more than 300 villages, most of them with a population of less than 100, and 90% of the population is tribal. The Museum, established to introduce visitors to the culture and ecology of the district, showcases the attire and lifestyle of different communities like the Bhils, Kunbis, Gamits, and Warlis, as well as the Kothewali potters. Other exhibits introduce visitors to the weapons, utensils and customs of the local communities.

Vansda National Park

Originally, a private forest of maharaja of Vansada, the park now covers on area of 24 sq kms. Despite its small size the park harbours tiger, leopard, pangolin, rusty-spotted cat, python, giant squirrel, fourhorned antelope etc. Prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, of Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa is required before visiting the park

Purna Sanctuary

Surat's vast and active textile market testifies its importance in the textile trade even today.


The Saputara Lake surrounded by greenery makes it pleasurable to sail in the lake in a row or paddle boat

Sunrise Point

It is a point which offers the best view of Saputara and adjoining Malegoan could be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of Waghai. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The Tata Consultancy Services has suggested renaming this point as Valley View Point to enhance tourist traffic.

The Ropeway

A ten minutes ride across the valley to the sunset point organised by Hotel Vaity


It is named after Gopi, the patron saint of Surat. It has many large mansions richly ornamented with woodcarvings. Its chief features are Agama Mandir and many other Jain temples and Jain monasteries.

Gandharvapura Artists' Village

Visitors can pick up pretty pieces of pottery, jewellery, vases, paintings, pen stands, key chains all made from bamboo chips and other locally found material. Children can learn to make simple items in the workshop organized by the craftsmen.


Ambapada is a typical Dangi village located about 1 km off the Saputara-Waghai road near the Gira Falls. The route to it is somewhat tricky but very scenic as it is lined with lush and tall bamboo. Tourists can take a walk in and around the village and see some tribal people engaged in making toys and lamps out of bamboo.