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Popularly called the `Queen of Chhotanagpur' Netarhat is 154 km west of Ranchi Town. It is a plateau covered with thick forests situated at a height of 3,700 feet or 1128 metres. Generally people visit this place to enjoy the breath taking Sunrise and Sunset.

How to reach

Nearest Airport Ranchi (156 kms) is connected by Indian Airlines flights with Bombay, Patna, Calcutta & New Delhi.

Places of Interest

Magnolia Point

10 kms from Netarhat, it is an ideal site for sunset view. Everyday one can witness the different view of setting sun. When the setting sun enters into the lap of Vindhya hills allowing the evening to descend slowly in the valley the natural scenic beauty of the place is beyond any description.

Upper Ghaghri water falls
4 kms from Netarhat and a unique picnic spot. Inside a beautiful valley the over flown water of Netarhat Dam makes a very loving small waterfall.

Lower Ghaghri water falls
Situated at a distance of 10 kms from Netarhat in lush green and pass through the forests of a poet's imagination-deep, dense and delighting. On reaching there witness the stunning fall of water deep down to about 320 feet making a majestic waterfall. The forest is so dense that even sunrays find difficult to pierce through it.

Koel View Point
3 kms from Netarhat and a good site for viewing Koel river. The beauty of the river leaves spell bound effect on any body's mind. Specially at the time of sunrise and in the moonlit night its beauty surprise all imagination.

Lodh Falls
61kms from Netarha, it is one of the biggest water falls of Jharkhand where water falls from height of 468 ft.

Sadni Falls
35 kms, it is a snake type water fall and is very popular picnic spot.

Betla National Park
215kms via Kuru and 104kms via Banari, it is a very rich National Park with tigers, panthers, elephants etc.