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Budgam district


Budgam district came into existence in 1979-80, prior to which it was part of Srinagar District. Budgam is formed of three tehsils namely Budgam, Chadoora, Beerwah. It comprises of 496 Villages and is surrounded by the Districts of Baramulla, Pulwama, srinagar. The total Geographical area of the District is 1371 sq Kms. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people and Maize, Rice, Paddy, and oil seeds are grown in the District. The south and southwesteren parts of the District are mainly hilly and northern parts parts are plain. The climate of the District is mainly temperate and the average rainfall is 585 cms (annual).

Airport. The only civil Airport in the valley is situated in this District which connects the valley to rest of the country. Besides it provides helicopter services to Kargil,Karnah,Gurez.

Budgam District at a glance :
Educational Institutions 764(1995-96)
Health Institutions 176(1995-96)
Roads 867 Kms
Area 1371 Sq. Kms.
Population 3.67 Lakhs.(1981)
Villages 496
Tehsil 3
Towns 5
C. D. Blocks 8
Panchayts 108
Live-Stock Population 3.36 lakh
Net Area sown 53400 hect.
Net Area irrigated 31,700 Hect.
Forests 750 Sq. kms
Villages electrified 492
Villages with drinking water 490
Bank Branches 32
Notified Area Committees 5

Historical Places and Monuments

Tomb of Sheikh Noor-ud-din-Noorani

The tomb of Alamdar-e-Kashmir is situated 28 Kms in southwest of Srinagar at Chrar-e- Sharif in Budgam District. The shrine on the burial site was constructed by the then ruler of Kashmir Zain ul Abideen. Sheikh Noor-ud-din was born in Kaimoh and his ancestors belonged to Kishtwar. He was a pious soul and travelled throughout Kashmir to spread the message of his religion. He meditated for 12 years inside a cave. Four centuries after his death Afghan governor Atta Mohd. Khan issued coins in his name. The shrine alongwith Khanqah was gutted in a devatating fire in 1995. A new shrine is planned to be constructed in its place.

The Shrine of Khan Saheb

It is situated in the Khan saheb block of the District.It is associated with famous saint Hazrat Saleh Khan who belonged to village Pakhla of Pakistan. Syed Saleh Khan also meditated inside a cave for 12 years and stayed in Srinagar for some time.He was also a fine calligrapher.

ImamBara Budgam
The Imambara is a holy place for Shiiete Muslims of Kashmir. This building was constructed in the year 1857. The present imambara is octagonal and has five main enterances each of 12ft width. One of the doors is reserved for women. The Imambara is a piece of indo-Iranian architectureand commands great reverence among Shia masses.

Ziarat Alamdar-E-Kashmir
The land of Khag was fortunate enough to have Sheikh noor-Ud-Din as a visitor. Sheikh selected a rock a Khag for meditation and this bears the imprints of his feet. This rock is known as shah Kaen. A shrine is built there in the memory of the saint.

The Tomb of Sham Ded
Sham ded was a daughter of a Iron smith in Poshker village and was initiated into sprituality by Sheikh-ul-Alam. The pious lady after his death was laid to rest in Poshker village and a shrine was construted there. Other shrines of various pious saints abound in Budgam. These are shrines of : Baba Latif-ud-Din, Syed Mohd. Samri, Hazrat Ganga Baba Rishi, Zia -ud-Din Bukhari.

Tourist Places
Budgam has many places of tourist interest where man finds peace and in close union with nature. These include

It is one of the captivating meadows of Kashmir. It is 50 kms southwest of Srinagarat an elevation of 7500 ft above sealevel. It is a cluster of meadows surrounded by PirPanjal mountains. The place is connected by road from Srinagar and Charar-e-Sharief.

It is famous bluewater lake 4 Kms from Yusmarg connected with bridle path. It is wonderful picnic spot.

Mount Tutakuti
It is source of Doodhganga stream and is at a elevation of 15000 ft from the sealevel. The stream is famous for its trout. Doodganga is just one Km from Yusmarg.

Sang-e-Safed These are white rocks 10 kms from Yusmarg.Enroute there are many meadows where one can have night halts. Surrounded by dense pine forests the place is a famous picnic spot.

It is famous pasture and has a historical background. Mughlas took this route for travelling into Poonch. It is the largest pasture in the surrounding areas. Other places with tourist potentials are Pehjan and Nakwaer Pal which can be explored.