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 Jammu & Kashmir

  Jammu & Kashmir
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Flowers of Jammu and Kashmir

1. Flower Kerria Japonica
Family Rosaceae
Origin China/Japan
Characteristics Deciduous, arching,graceful shrub butter cup like, golden yellow flowers are borne along green shoots From mid to late spring, foliage is bright green.

2. Flower Wisteria
Family Leguminosae
Origin China, Korea, Japan, C&S Usa
Characteristics Deciduous, woody-stemmed, twining climber leaflets, scented, pea like violet flowers are carried in Drooping recemes blooms in early spring.

3. Flower Tulip
Family Liliaceae
Origin Temperate Europe, Asia
Characteristics Tulips are excellent in the rock Gardens informal bedding, as elegant cut flowersand for containers. A large variety of the hybrid are now available. Flowers mid spring, propogation by bulbs.

4. Flower Magnolia Liliflora
Family Var-Nigre
Origin China
Characteristics Deciduous shrub with open habit oval to pear shaped, dark green leaves, large deep purple flowers, creamy white flushed purple inside

5. Flower Chaen-Omelee Speciose
Origin China
Characteristics Well branched spreading shrub dark green glossy leaves and bowl shaped flower about 5 cm., across from mid winter to mid spring small to medium, propogation by cutting seeds and layering.

6. Flower Forsythia Oleaceae
Species Golden Bells
Origin E. Asia, S.E. Europe.
Characteristics A most popular and well known early spring flowering deciduous shrub. Excellent plants for the shrub border, they also provide an effective screen or may be used as informal hedge. They are also being used for home decoration. Propogation by summer cutting under mist or in a frame.

7. Flower Carcis Siliquastrum

Origin S.E. Europe, S.W. Asia.
Characteristics Wide spreadily tree often bushy in habit, roundish leaves with heart shaped bases. Bright purple shroses pea shaped flowers are borne on bare branches in the late spring.

8. Flower Prunus Kanzan
Origin Japan
Characteristics Deciduous, vase shaped tree, large double pink to purple flowers are borne profusely from mid to late spring and young leaves that mature to dark green.

9. Flower Bellis Perennis
Family Pomponette
Origin Europe
Characteristics Slow growing carpeting perennial grown as a biennial. Has oval leaves and small daisy like double flower heads in red pink or white in spring.

10. Flower Ferula Jaeschkeana Vatke
Origin Himalayas
Characteristics A tall perennial to 2 m. with large 2-3 pinnate leaves with broad oblong, toothed segments and with large compound umbels of yellow flowers. Secondary umbels globular 0.1 cm across bracts and bracted is absent, leaves to 40 cms, ultimate segments to 10 cm by 1-2 cm broad with margins finely toothed; upper leaves reduced to large sheaths often with umbels in their ascils.Fruiting umbel to 20 cm across;fruit 1-1.5 cm long by 1 cm broad, flattened with lateral wings.

11. Flower China Aster (Callistephus Chinensis)
Family Asteracieae
Origin China, Japan
Characteristics Excellent for cutflower, grown for bedding and potting. Summer annual at temperate areas propogated by seeds.

12. Flower Dahlia (Dahlia Variabilis)
Family Compositae
Origin Masico
Characteristics Excellent for cut flower, grown for bedding and potting. Propogation tubers, Cuttings and seeds. Height varies from 14.5 cms to 45 cms.

13. Flower Asiatic A-Lily (Lilium species and Hybrids B-Lilyoriente)
Family Laliacea
Origin China, Japan, Korea, California(U.S.A)
Characteristics Summer flowering, bulbous, grown for cutflower and fragrance, grown in garden as herbaceous borders. Propogation :seeds, bulbous, scales, hullis and bulblets.

14. Flower WallFlower (Cheiranthus Cheiri)
Family Cyuciferae
Origin Europe
Height 35-45 CMS.
Characteristics Perennials Annual fragrant. Suitable for bedding and cutflower, flowers in late spring, propogation: seeds, Division of Suckers.

15. Flower Hycinths (Hycinthus Orientalis)
Family Liliaceae
Origin Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, And Asia Minor
Characteristics Excellent flower beds and pots February, March, propogation:bulbs, scaring and scooping.

16. Flower Chrysanthemum
Family Asteracae
Origin China
Height 45-105 CMS.
Characteristics Annuals and Pericuial, sub-shrubs, grown for cutflower, garden plants, pots, garlands, suitable for hedges. Propogation vegetatively by cuttings and suckers.

17. Flower Carnation, Pink (Daianthus Caryophyllus)
Family Caryophylla-Ceae
Origin Southern France
Characteristics Annuals and Biannuals. Best cutflower, border plants, attractive colors, propogation, seeds layering and cuttings.

18. Flower Viburnum (V.Grandiflower)
Family Caprifoliacae
Origin Himalayas, West China
Characteristics Deciduous, shrub, height and spread (6 ft.) fullyhardy, leaves become deep purple in autumn, dense clusters of fragrant, tubular, white and pink flower;late winter, early spring, propogation:cuttings, seeds, suckers.

19. Flower Gladiolus (Sword Lilly)
Family Iridaceae
Origin Southern Africa
Characteristics Cutflowers, beds, pots, propogation:seeds, corms, cormlets.

20. Flower Gary Featgers (Liatris Callilepis)
Family Compositae
Characteristics Summer flowering perennials, fully hardy, propogation:division of suckers, seeds, best cutflower bedding and pots, spike height 1-5 to 4 ft, height 60 cms.