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Rajouri district


Rajouri district is located between 70 degree and 74 degree-4'East longitudeand 32 degree-58'and 33 degree-35'north latitude.It is approx.at a distance of 160 Kms.from Jammu district. It is bounded by Poonch district in the north, Jammu district in the south, Udhampur district in the east and Pak occupied Kashmir (Mirpur area) in the west.Carved out of the district of Poonch in 1968 to facilitate process of development and better supervision Rajouri district has an area of 2630 Sq.Kms. with six tehsils,seven blocks,77 Panchayats and 381 villages. The district with an area of 2,630 Sq.Kms. has peculiar features.The Dhaula Dhar range runs across the north eastern part of the district and topography of Rajouri,Budhal and part of Kalakote tehsils consists of numerous hills and small valleys of meandering brooks. District Rajouri offers a representative of the State in clime,culture and secular outlook.The district presents a composite culture-Pahari,Gojri,Dogra and Kashmiri.Irrespective of ethnic groups all speak the pahari language with ease. The climate varies from semi-tropical in the sourthen part to temperate in the mountanious northen part.The sub-tropical region receives regular monsoons whereas the northen part prone to hailstorms experiences excessive rains.The district is drainded by small rivers.Rajouri has witnessed both the patronage as well as carnage of the time.The remnants of fortified Mughal inns are a pleasant reflection of the glorious days of the place when it used to be a camping site for the Royal Mughal entourage proceeding towards Kashmir Valley.

Rajouri District at a glance :
Educational Institutions 955
Health Institutions 193(including ISM)
Area 2,630 sq. kms
Population 4.18 lakhs (1991)
Villages 381 (375 inhabited)
Tehsil 6
Towns 4
Panchayats 77
Blocks 7
Gross Area sown 77,424 hect.
Forests 1,304 sqkm
Villages electrified 338
Villages with drinking water 368
Literacy rate 24.73 %
Bank Branches 49
Principal Crop Maize

Historical Places and Monuments


This is an important historical place from the time of Mughals who used to stay here during journey from Delhi to Kashmir and vice versa.The climate of this place is very charming and infact a health resort.It is also famous for its artistic wooden products.The famous shirne of Shahdara Shariaf is 6 Kms from this place.

Dhandidhar Fort

It is a historical monument located on a hill in the vicinity of Rajouri town.This fort was probably constructed by Mughal King during the reign of Emperor Jahangir nearly 400 years back.It is just 2 Kms.away from Rajouri presenting panoramic and impressive view of the entire area.

Usman Memorial
Usman Memorial has been constructed at Jhangar in the memory of Brig.Usman who was mainly responsible for freeing the captured area around Jhangar.After having captured this strategic area,Brig.Usman convened a conference of army officers to decide future course of action.Meanwhile,he fell to heavy shelling of the enemy on 3rd July 1948.This great memorial is maintained by the Infantry Unit located at Jhangar.The heroic deeds of armymen as well as civilians who died while fighting in this area are commemorated every year on 3rd of July as "Jhangar Day".

Balidan Bhawan
This Bhawan is a memoir of great sacrifices made by the people of Rajouri during 1947-48.On the night of Diwali in October-November 1947,the Pakistani marauders forcibly captured the town when indian army was operating in other parts of the district.The marauders mercilessly put to death thousands of men and women,old and young,infants and children and plundered the town in lust of wealth and booty.The Indian army liberated the town on 13th April,1948 the day of Baisakhi festival.The Bhawan since then has been dedicated to the sacrifices of those heroes and was given the name of Balidan Bhawan.

War Memorial
It has been raised at Gujjar Mandi Chowk in Rajouri township.Rajouri was liberated by the Indian army on 13th April 1948.Major General Kulwant Singh launched an attack against Pakistani forces who had converted the site of present airfield into a slaughter ground.

Hall of Fame
On the top of the mound,the great memorial Hall of Fame has been constructed in commemoration of the heroic deeds of those who had laid down their lives for the sake of their motherland in the sectors of Rajouri and Poonch.

Tourist Places
The district abounds in places which have immense pilgrim essence and tourist attraction. Some of these are as under

Shahdara Sharief
It is the shrine of Baba Ghulam Shah in the lap of montains which is well connected with 30 Km. black topped road from Rajouri Town. The shrine commonly known as Shahdara Sharief is a popular tourist spot in Rajouri district. Thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine daily. There was a pir named Ghulam Shah who was born in Syed Family at village Saidian Rawalpindi. Ghulam Shah made Shadara his abode for the rest of his life.

Nao Gazi Ziarat
The Ziarat of Qutab Shah Wali at Danidhar near Rajouri town is also very popular which is the 9 yard long grave of the saint and locally known as Nao Gazi Ziarat.

Mangla Goddess
At this place there is one cave existing on the pattern of Mata Vaishno Devi and bears much religious importance. Large numbers of devotees from different parts of the district visited this shrine. In view of the existing inflow of the devotees a Sarai has been constructed. The majestic and ancient shrine of the goddess Mangla is a place of the people and is situated on a hillock at Bhawani Nowshera and is 70 Kms. from Rajouri. The shrine is believed to be as old as that of Mahabharata and the miracles experienced there have made the shirne more popular among the people's.

The famous Chingus Sarai designed with Mughal architect style located about 2,000 feet above sea level and on the right bank of nallah and just on the Jammu-Poonch highway is a spot of historical interest. The entrails of the Mughal emperor Jahangir were buried inside this Sarai when he passed away while returning from Kashmir. It is around 35 Kms. from Rajouri.

Samot Sar
An oval shaped blue water lake is situated at an altitude of 3,550 meters on the northen end of Badjari Marg. This one Km.long lake is accessible in four hours from Budhal to enjoy the beauty of nature scattered in this part of Pir Panjal range.

Chandan Sar
Chandan Sar,a bean shaped lake and full of iceberg till end of July, is situated at an altitude of 3,800 meters.Two kms.in circumference, it is a source of Chamar Nala which joins Bafliaz nala near Behram Gala. It is day's trekking from Ravi Walli marg.

Divya Sar
Divya Sar is a typical like an Indian earthen lamp and hence named as "Divya Sar". Situated at a height of 3,600 meters, the lake is one km. in length.

Sukh Sar
An oval shaped lake at an altitude of 3,000 meters, Sukh Sar is a small sized lake if one approaches a group of lakes in the area from the northen end.

Gum Sar
This is an another small lake at the foot of Dhakyar peak at an elevation of 3,600 meters. Dhakyar peak is the highest peak in this range. It is a pyramidical mountain with height of about 4,660 meters.