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Karnataka - Mysore

Former Capital of the erstwhile Wodeyars, is also known as the City of Palaces. Located 770 m above sea level. Mysore is a city of palaces, gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples and retains some of the charm of the old world with its many institutions that propagate Carnatic Classical music and dance. Mysore is more than palaces, parks and temples, it is the exotic fragrance of Mysore Jasmine, the melodious strains of the Veena, the rich aroma of filter coffee, traditional carvings on fragrant sandalwood, rosewood and ivory, the rustle of rich silks, delicious Nanjangud bananas, Hot 'N' Spicy Bisi-bele-hulianna, mouthwatering Mysore Pak (a traditional sweetmeat). Mysore is a gourmet's delight and a Shopper's paradise. Good buys from Mysore can include Mysore Silk, Sandalwood & Handicrafts. Best Shopping areas are Devaraj Urs Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, Ashoka Road & Dhanvantri Road.

Mysore Dassara

Mysore Dassara is a 10-day long festival. The festival is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. On the day of Dussehra, the procession of mounted guardsmen on horse back and decorated elephants, one carrying the palace deity, Chamundeshwari, on a gold 'howdah' marches from the palace to the Banni Mantap. The festival is celebrated in a grand style with scores of cultural performances in the great Durbar Hall of the Maharaja's Palace. While most parts of India celebrate Dussehra in commemoration of Lord Rama's victory over the demon-king Ravana, Karnataka celebrates it in honour of Goddess Chamundeswari who killed the great demon, Mahishasura. There is also a floating festival in the temple tank at the foot of Chamundi Hill and a procession of chariots around the temple at the top. A torch light parade takes place in the evening followed by a massive firework display and much jubilation on the streets.

How to reach

By Air

The nearest Airport is Bangalore(139 Kms).

By Train

Mysore is again connected with many trains to Bangalore. Also the prestigious luxury train, Shatabdi Express connects it to Madras

By Road

Mysore is located 139 Kms. to the south west of Bangalore. The state highway that connects the two cities could provide a pleasant ride through rustic country side. A bus or car ride from Bangalore would take approximately 3 hours.

Places of Interest in Mysore

Gumbaz, Ranganathaswamy Temple , The Mysore Palace , The Jaganmohan Palace , Chamundi Hill , St. Philomena's Church , The Mysore Zoo , Brindavan Gardens , Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

Places of Interest Around Mysore

Srirangapatna , Nanjangud , Sangama , Bandipur , Ranganathittu , Somanathapur , Melkote , Talakadu , Cauvery Fishing Camp , Shivanasamudra , Nagarhole , Hogenakal , B.R. Hills , Mahadeshwara Hills , Himavad Gopalswamy Hills , Janapada Loka , Ramnagaram , Channapattana , Mekedatu , Pearl Valley


An imposing structure where the mortal remains of Hyder Ali, his wife and Tipu Sultan were confined.

Ranganathaswamy Temple

Temple of Lord Vishnu in the sleeping posture on the Great Snake Anantha, is one of the Largest temples in the State. It is a beautiful example for both Vijayanagara and Hoysala Styles of Architecture.

The Mysore Palace

Once the residence of the Wodeyars, this structure is one of the largest of its kind in India. Built in 1912 in the Indo Saracenic style, this place excludes a grandeur that is unmatched. The Golden Royal Elephant Throne, the Durbar Hall, the Kalyana Mantap and the Gallery are the main attractions here.

The Jaganmohan Palace

This is a converted art gallery which houses paintings that date back to the late 19th century. Paintings of Raja Ravi Verma of Travancore and the Russian Painter Svetoslav Roerich are on display. Paintings in the traditional Mysore Golden leaf style can also been seen here.

Chamundi Hill

Perched atop a hill is a 12th century temple of Chamundershwari. About 13 Kms from Mysore by road these is also a 1000 step walking track for all those young at heart to try. The gigantic 4.8 meter tall monolith of Nandi the sacred vehicle of Lord Shiva is a marvel to watch. Also close to the temple stands a gigantic statues of the demon Mahishasura.

St. Philomena's Church

This beautiful Cathedral was built in 1956 and is one of the largest churches in the country. It has been built in the Gothic style with beautiful stain glass windows and lofty towers. The illuminated church in the evening is a wonderful site not to be missed.

The Mysore Zoo

One of the county's best zoo, this is famous for rare animals bred in captivity and is housed in lush green surroundings.

Brindavan Gardens

19 Kms north west of Mysore is the famous KRS dam. Built by the famous engineer Sir. M. Vishvesvariah this was one of the first multi purpose dams built in India. Adjacent to the dam is the beautiful Brindavan Garden. With lighting and musical fountains this place transforms itself into a fairy land in the evenings.

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

The summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, built fully by wood is today a museum devoted to Tipu Sultan Places of Interest around Mysore


The island fortress of the legendary Tiger of Mysore - Tipu Sultan, takes you through the pages of history. Every stone, every Temple, every Palace and every Mosque in here has a story to tell.


Nanjangud is 23 Kms of Mysore. This is an important pilgrim center and is famous for its Nanjundeshwara Temple ( from which the place derives its name). Built in the Dravidian style, the temple is one of its kind in Karnataka.


This is 3 Kms from Srirangapatna where the two branches of the river Cauvery reunite in joyful exuberance.A place of great science beauty is located at 82 kms from Bangalore.


Situated 80 Kms from Mysore, the Bandipur national Park is one of the most beautiful wide life centers in the country. Rare species of birds and animals can be seen in their natural habitats. Bandipur has been chosen by the WWF for their project tiger scheme to protect tigers.


4 Kms from Srirangapatna and 18 Kms from Mysore is a bird sanctuary that houses exotic birds. Birds from as far away as Siberia and even North America make their home here. Crocodiles basking in the sun is also a familiar sight. The best season to visit is between January and March.


35 Kms east is this famous village which has the 13th century Hoysala Temple. The temple is in excellent condition has frescoed exteriors with episodes from the epics.


50 Kms north of Mysore is this sacred pilgrim center know for its Vairamudi festival in March/April. More than a lakh visitors congregate here for the festival. This place is also famous for its handloom cloth.


is situated on the banks of the river Cauvery and is buried beneath sand dunes. Its temples are opened for worship on special occasions once in 12 years.

Cauvery Fishing Camp

82 Kms from Mysore at Bhimeshwari is a paradise for anglers. Mahaseer, the finest game fish is found here. This camp is also accessible from Bangalore.


It is 85 Kms east of Mysore, where the river Cauvery cascades down in two picturesque water falls. Falling down from a height of 75 meters into a deep rocky gorge, these falls are best during the monsoons. 1.5 Kms away is Asia's first hydro electric project set up in 1905.


National Park and the Kabini River Lodge : are perfect get away for nature lovers. Abound in a rich variety of wild life one can find elephants, antelopes and even leopards here.


This water fall is 185 Kms from Bangalore. A good picnic spot.

B.R. Hills

This picturesque hill range at the height of 5091 feet is 120 Kms from Mysore and is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. The temple on the hill, dedicated to Biligiri Rangaswamy attracts devotees around the year.

Mahadeshwara Hills

about 142 Kms from Mysore, is a popular pilgrimage center dedicated to Lord Mahadeshwara.

Himavad Gopalswamy Hills

is a popular hill resort and a trek's delight as well. It is situated in the verdant Western Ghats of Mysore Districts. The temple here is dedicated to Lord Hoysala.

Janapada Loka

Located at 53 kms from Bangalore, it is an effort to wards the preservation and promotion of folk culture and traditions. Sprawling across 15 acres, the complex has an art gallery, an open air theatre and a museum.


This rocky land is an important silk cocoon-marketing center, 49 kms from Bangalore. The popular Hindi movie sholay was shot here.


Famous for its wooden toys and silks. It is located at 58 kms on the way to Mysore.


The river Cauvery flows through a deep gorge making it very beautiful picnic spot, Located approximately 86 kms away from Bangalore.

Pearl Valley

Another famous picnic spot with its water falls and its verdant surroundings, Located at 40 kms from Bangalore.