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Karnataka - People and Lifestyle

Karnataka is a state that encompasses many things together in its bosom. Rich ancient culture, charming blend of villages and towns, rural folk and IT oriented urban, mountains at western ghat, lovely waterfalls and serene beaches. The people are known as Kannadigas, which are the Kannada speaking people, there are also the Coorgis of the Coorg hills and the Tulus of the Udipi regions. While agriculture is the major occupation, the state boasts some of the most significant industrial growth in post independence India. Karnataka is as well known for its silk and sandalwood as for its high tech industry. Bangalore, among the fastest growing cities in Asia is home to many industries. The state is rich in mineral ore, and supplies all of India's gold. Other ores mined in the state include iron, chromite, magnesite, mica, copper, etc. The Sharavati, Kali, and the Cauvery rivers have been harnessed for electric power.