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Naupada district

Nuapada District is located in western part of Orissa, lies between 20 degrees 0'N and 21 degrees 5' No latitudes and between 82 degrees 20'E and 82 degrees 40'E longitudes. Its boundaries extend in north, west and south to Raipur district in Madhya Pradesh and in the east to Bargarh, Balangir and kalahandi districts. It was created on 1st April 1993 by carving out the Nawapara Sub-Division of undivided Kalahandi District with an area of 3408 Sq. KMs


Generaly Nuapada Climate is Hot and Dry. Humidity negligible with scanty raifall.

October to February Winter Average Temp 30o C Best Period of tourism
March to June Summer Average Temp 48o C Not suitable
June to September Rainy Average Temp 35o C/
Average Rainfall 1137mm
Best Period to watch Waterfalls

How to reach

By Train

A railway line from Vizianagaram on the South-Eastern Railways passes through the district on its way to Raipur (Madhya Pradesh). It is a broad gauge railway line and was opened to traffic in 1932. It enters the district on upper eastern point in Nuapada P.S., the first station in the district being Lakhna. After going north for some distance it finally leaves the district and enters Chhatisgarh. Khariar Road is the main railhead for the District.

By Road
The district is not adequately served by the road communication. It fall on the alignment of National Highways 142. State Highway No.3 passes through this district and it maintains direct communication with the adjoining districts apart from all the important places within the district. The state and Private transport buses ply on all the routes.

By Air

Nearest Airport Raipur, 120 KM from Nuapada by Road or Train.

Nuapada District at a glance :
Administrative Set-Up
Name of the District Nuapada
Geographical Area in Sq.Kms. 3852
No. of Sub-Division 1
No. of Tehsils 4
No. of CD Blocks 5
No. of Municipality 0
No. of NACs 2
No. of Police Station 6
No. of Gram Panchayat 109
No. of Fire Stations 2
No. of Assebly Constituencies 2
No. of Villages 659
Population 2001 Census
Total Population 530000
Male 264000
Female 266000
Rural 500000
Urban 30000
Percentage of Rural Population to total
Population 94.37
No. of Female per 1000 Males 1006
Population Density per Sq. Km. 138
Decadal Growth Rate percentage 1991-2001 13
Percentage of District Population to State
Population 1.45
Total No. of Literate 190000
No. of Male Literate 131000
No. of Female Literate 59000
Total Literacy Rates 42.29
Male Literacy Rates 58.78
Female Literacy Rates 26.01
Rain Fall
Normal Rain Fall (M.M.) 1378.2
Actual Rainfall 2001 (M.M.) 1239
Deviation from normal (M.M.) (-)139.2
Irrigation Potential Created Upto 2000-01( In '000
Major & Medium Khariff 14.31
Major & Medium Rabi 4.42
Minor(Flow) Khariff 6.15
Minor(Flow) Rabi 1.56
Minor(Lift) Khariff 4.09
Minor(Lift) Rabi 2.45
Production Of Major Crops (Production In Qntl.)
Paddy 2122037
Wheat 146
Maize 1976
Ragi 3192
Mung 1280
Biri 5799
Kulthi 5543
Til 1260
Groundnut 8457
Mustard 15
Potato 234
Jute 0
Sugarcane 5908
Land Utilisation Pattern,2000-01 ('000 Hect.)
Forest Area 185
Misc. Tree, Permanent Pasture, Land put to Non-Agrl. Use barren Land 16
Cultivable Waste 4
Current Fallow 10
Other Fallow 2
Net Area shown 168
Percentage '%' of Forest area of the District to State Total 3.18
Percentage '%' of Forest area of the District 48.03
Education (2000-01) (Provisional)
Primary School
No. of School 731
Enrolement ('000 nos) 84
No. of Teachers 1816
Middle School
No. of School 166
Enrolement ('000 nos) 11
No. of Teachers 513
Secondary School
No. of School 85
Enrolement ('000 nos) 10
No. of Teachers 726
General Colleges
No. of Collleges 14
Enrolement ('000 nos) 6
No. of Teachers 193
Medical And Family Welfare,2001-02
Medical college/District HQ.Hospital 1
Sub-Divisional and other Hospitals 1
Community Health Centre 4
Primary Health Centres (New) 15
Primary Health Centres Mobile Health unit 2
Beds in Hospital 158
Ayurvedic Hospital & Dispensaries including Unani 9
Homeopathic Hospitals & Dispansaries 5
No. of Post Offices 2001-02 111
% of village Electrified 79.47
All Scheduled Commercial Banks ( As On March' 02
No. of Offices 28
Deposit ( Rs in lakh) 11620
Credit ( Rs in lakh) 4370
Consumption of Fertiliser 2000-01
Nitrogeneous (N) ( "000 MT) 2.85
Phosphatic (P)( "000 MT) 0.91
Pottasic (K)( "000 MT) 0.31
Total (N+P+K)( "000 MT) 4.07
Grouped Corpped area ( in ' 000Hect) 239
Fertiliser consumption ( Kg.Hect) 17
Cropping intensity ( %) 142
Communication ( 2001-02) ( Road Length In Km)
National High Ways 91
State High Way 29
Major District Road 52
Other district Road 233
Classified Village Road 20
Village Road 453
GP Road 4133
Panchayat Samiti Road 504
Forest Road 280
Railway Route length ( in Km) 32
No. of Railway Stations 3
Animal Husbandry
Hospital & Dispensaries ( No) 2001-02 8
A.I. Centres ( No) 2000-01) 45
Live stock 2000 Census ( Provisional, in No.)
Buffalo 32257
Cross breed 1779
indigenous 205978
Cross breed 1313
indigenous 85127
Sheep 29798
Goat 87377
Poultry 217092
Pig 1298
Production 2001-02 p
Milk ( in '000 mt) 7.26
Egg (Mil.No) 10.00
Meat ( in MT) 628.81
Registered reporting factories (No) 15
Total employess ( No) 417
Productive capital ( Rs.in '000) 3590
Net value added by manufacture ( Rs. In lakh) 154
Fishery 2001-02 ( Production of fish in MT)
Fresh water 2036
Barkish water 0
Marine water 0
Total 2036
District Social Welfare Schemes
School Under Mdm
Anganwadi Centre
No. of Ration card in circulation in Nuapada district 132281
No. of beneficiaries under Annapurna Scheme 961
No. of beneficiaries under Antodaya Anna Yojana 8922
No. of BPL card holder 93126
No. of APL card holder 39155
No. of S.K. oil wholesaler functioning in the District 02
No. of S.K. oil sub-wholsaler functioning in the District 15
No. of mobile vans engaged in transportation of stocks 05
No. of retailers dealing with P.D.S 229
Drinking Water

Places of Interest

Patora 'Jogeswar Temple'

It is one of the Shiva pitha of wester orissa and Chhatisgarh. The tallest sivalinga so far discovered at Maraguda village in the Maraguda valley in Nuapada District, which is around 6ft high and presently installed at Jogeswar temple. Ram temple is located down hill. 40 ft. hanuman statue is one of the attraction.


It is a perennial spring situated 41 kms. from Khariar and 6 kms. from Boden. It is regarded as a holy place for Hindus. There is a belief that if a man take bath in this warm spring after solar/lunar eclipse, he will acquire religio-spiritual attainment equal to that of a bath in the holy river Ganga. It is believed that during the Ramachandra's banavas while walking through that area, once Sita Devi felt thirsty. There was no water source nearby Lord Rama pierced earth by an arrow, brought the Ganga and accordingly the place was named a Patalganga.


Yogimath is famous for the prehistoric cave paintings situated 9 kms. to the east of Khariar. Yogimath cave contains paintings of neolithic age and the drawings are very distinctly drawn in Indian red paint over the rock surface. The figure of the bull is very interesting. There is also a cow and calf following as well as the figure of a man. The whole scene is significant of the domestication of animals and agriculture. In the ceiling too there are some paintings. There is yet another cave at a little distance but since the roof has fallen the paintings are not visible. The entire area is yet unexplored and invite scholars to unearth her past glory.


Budhikomna is situated at a distance of 73 kms. from Khariar. The place is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Pataleswar Siva. It is brick temple of Tri-Ratha style in dilapidated condition.


A temple named Dadhibaman locally called Badagudi is situated in the hear of Khariar town, and it is believed to be more than 50 years old. Since the beginning of this century, the place has been the seat of Activities of an American Evangelical Mission.

Godhus Waterfall

Situated at a height of 30mtr, the fall is very much energetic in rainy and winter season and get dried in summer. In the down a temple of Lord siva is present. An annual fair is arranged here on Baisakhi which attaracts thousand of pilgrims. Sorrounded by forest with watch tower and Jalki water reservoir near Lodra village, suitable site for nature camp. It is 30 KM from Nupada District Headquarter / 163 KM from Raipur / 540 KM from Bhubaneswar via Sambalpur / 33 KM from Nuapada Railway Station / 42 KM from Khariar Road Railway station / 172 KM from Bhawanipatna.

Magnificient Beniadhus water fall of 24 mtrs. height located in the Sunabeda Wildlife sanctuary. The Jonk River starts from sunabeda plateau. The Goddess Sunadei, presiding deity of the plateau, is sacredly worshiped by the people of the area on the day of Dusserra. It is 102 KM from Nupada District Headquarter / 222KM from Raipur / 642 KM from Bhubaneswar via Sambalpur / 105 KM from Nuapada Railway Station / 115 KM from Khariar Road Railway station / 162 KM from Bhawanipatna.

Kharadhus Water fall of 50 Meter height, located toward west of Beniadhus waterfall. It is 102 KM from Nupada District Headquarter / 222KM from Raipur / 642 KM from Bhubaneswar via Sambalpur / 105 KM from Nuapada Railway Station / 115 KM from Khariar Road Railway station / 162 KM from Bhawanipatna.

Rajiv Udyan

Loacated at the Upper Jonk Dam site, it is one the most beautiful park of Orissa. Water shower and sound system make it more enjoyble. It is 20 KM from Nupada District Headquarter / 163 KM from Raipur / 540 KM from Bhubaneswar via Sambalpur / 172 KM from Bhawanipatna. Khariar Forest Division.

Forest Area Statistics
Total geographical area of district 3852 Sq Km
Total forest area of the district 1865.43 Sq Km
% Forest area of the district 48.43%
Total geographical area of the Khariar forest Division 3252 Sq Km
Total forest area of the division 1356.43 Sq Km
Classification of the Forest area (Sq Km)
Reserve forest 0.869
Proposed reserve forest 983.749
Demarcated Protected forest 24.33
Unclassed forest 0.540
Forests under revenue department 345.25
Village forest 1.698
Total forest area of the division 1356.43
% forest area of Khariar division 41.71%
Forest Area under Joint Forest Management (JFM)
Number of registered VSS* 413
Forest area protected by the VSS 301.94 Sq Km
% of forest area under JFM 22.26 %
Chronology Of Schemes

1980's - Plantations were taken under DPAP, RLEGP and NREP

1990's - Plantations under DPAP, IWDP, WFP 1995-LTAP (Long Term Action Plan) commenced

Trekking Path

Trekking is very very popular forms of tourism in these days among young and adventurous individuals. Some suggested area in Sunabeda Wildlife sanctuary are;

  1. Lodra-Godhus (specially for school Children)
  2. Kholigaon-Ranimahas (2K.M.)
  3. Foot hill near Godhus fall upto 300 Mtr. elevation on the Godhus-Jalmorei foot path.
  4. Godhus to Chuapada
Rock Climbing

Favourite Places for Rock Climbing
  1. Ranimahas
  2. Godhus
  3. Chiprakhol
  4. Beniadhus
  5. Kharaldhus